Nova Scotia will have only 9 weed stores for the whole province

Nova Scotia, one of the smallest provinces in Canada, announced that NSLC will open cannabis stores in only 9 locations throughout the whole province, which has well over 900,000 people.

When the provincial government of Nova Scotia announced its recreational cannabis plan, it promised to set up a government-run framework which included everything from seed to sale.

This framework was supposed to cover supply and distribution as well as sales locations, but somewhere along the way, they seem to have had a few hiccups.

Are 9 locations enough for Nova Scotia?

Firstly, Nova Scotia still hasn’t signed a supply agreement with any of the licensed producers yet, a feat which a couple of provinces already achieved.

Secondly, and more importantly, the provincial government announced that NSLC will be opening only 9 locations for sales of recreational cannabis for the whole province.

Here’s a list of those locations:

  • Amherst – 126 South Albion St.
  • Dartmouth – 650 Portland St.
  • Halifax – 5540 Clyde St.
  • Halifax – 3601 Joseph Howe Dr.
  • Lower Sackville – 752 Sackville Dr.
  • New Glasgow – 610 East River Rd.
  • Sydney River – 95 Keltic Dr.
  • Truro – 6 Court St.
  • Yarmouth – 104a Starrs Rd.

Since Nova Scotia has a couple thousand people over the 900k mark within its province, the math is fairly easy and it comes down to 1 recreational cannabis store for every 100,000 people.

This may sound like a high number, but when compared to Ontario (13.5 million people and only 40 stores so far) which has a 1/337,000 ratio, that is not as bad as it sounds.

However, Ontario has promised to open 150 stores till 2020, which will lower this ratio significantly, making it so that there will be 1 store for every 90,000 people.

New Brunswick on the other side, a province smaller in population than Nova Scotia which has ~750,000 residents, plans on opening 20 locations in 14 communities.

The government of New Brunswick has already signed a supply deal with Zenabis a few weeks ago, a feat not many other provinces have done so far.

Lastly, not only has Nova Scotia signed the supply agreement, but the government promised to source the cannabis for the recreational market locally.

This might prove very hard to accomplish as there are currently only 3 licensed producers in all of Nova Scotia, and those three are:

  1. THC Inc.
  2. Aqualitas Inc.
  3. Breathing Green Solutions Inc.

None of the above mentioned licensed producers have a license to sell, even though they are all licensed for cultivation.

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