Ohio expanded the list of doctors who can recommend marijuana

The State Medical Board of Ohio awarded certificates to recommend medical marijuana to 53 physicians across the state, significantly upping their numbers.

Ohio’s medical marijuana program is still relatively young when compared to some of those in the Western parts of the country, however the program is quickly adapting and growing in numbers.

Previous to this, there were only 33 physicians in the whole state who were certified to recommend medical cannabis, and of those 33 only 5 were located in Cincinnati.

Doctors applying for medical marijuana certificates must have an active license to practice medicine in Ohio, be registered with the state tool used to track the dispensing of prescription drugs, and take classes on conditions which can be treated with medical marijuana.

Aside from those conditions, doctors applying for this certificate are not allowed to have any type of investments or financial interests in marijuana companies.

Here’s the list of all the doctors that are now certified to recommend medical marijuana to all those in Ohio who possess a state-issued medical marijuana card:


Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

As you may see from the list above, a  number of these doctors will be located mostly in the metro areas, as they are also the most densely populated.

PharmaCann awarded cultivation license

Ohio state regulators were initially instructed to hand out 24 cultivation licenses — 12 for up to 25,000 square feet of growing space and 12 for up to 3,000 square feet.

The state’s medical marijuana law required state regulators to issue at least 15% of these licenses to businesses that are majority-owned by “economically disadvantaged” groups.

After much debate, media exposure and threats of legal actions against the state’s Department of Health, Department of Commerce PharmaCann finally dropped it and took their license open-handed.

PharmaCann will locate its Ohio operation in the Buckeye Lake area and will continue conversations with local and state officials now that it has officially been awarded a license to produce medical marijuana.

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