Olympians can use cannabis, just not during the OIympic Games

Cannabis has long been a prohibited substance among athletes, and those found with positive THC results often get heavily reprimanded. However, that may change soon, at least for Olympians.

Nearly 20 years ago, a snowboarder won an Olympic medal, only to have it disavowed due to testing positive for THC.

However, the anti-doping agency quickly realized their mistake — marijuana was never listed as a doping substance and thus the medal had to be returned to the rightful winner.

Since then, they added cannabis to the list, and the World Anti-Doping Agency has lowered the bar for cannabis testing by raising the threshold for a positive test from 15 ng/ml to 150 ng/ml in 2013.

This would mean that anyone caught with those levels of THC in blood or any other body liquid would have certainly smoked during the competition or is a long time chronic user.

In fact, one of WADA spokespersons said that raising the threshold is meant to catch only athletes who smoke during the period of a competition. Which totally makes sense.

But, that also means that athletes are totally OK to smoke weed outside of the competition, at least in WADA’s eyes.

Green Roads signs young boxer

Green Roads Athletics, which is the sports division of a CBD oil manufacturer and supplier Green Roads, officially signed a sponsorship deal with professional boxer and Olympian, Teofimo Lopez Jr.

Teofimo Lopez has competed in the 2016 Olympic games, in which he fought for a medal in the men’s lightweight category, but rest assured that he is anything but a lightweight.

According to his sponsorship deal with Green Roads Athletics, Lopez is to feature the company’s logo on his gear and apparel for the remainder of 2018.

“Teofimo is a perfect fit for the brand, he is an elite athlete who is extremely confident and mindful of taking care of his body. We are excited to sign on as one of his sponsors,” said Treyous Jarrells, consultant at Green Roads Athletics. “Our mission is to provide Teofimo with an alternative that could potentially extend his boxing career as well as build his personal brand.”

Lopez Jr. recently had a huge win against Juan Carlos Sanchez, which was broadcasted on ESPN News. He is undefeated with an 8-0 record.

Seeing how Lopez Jr. is one of the first to sign a deal with a cannabis company that specializes in CBD oils, we may see more and more of these type of deals in the near future.

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