Ontario reverts decision to introduce the new Smoke-Free Ontario Act

The new “Smoke-Free Ontario Act” will be put on hold as the new provincial government led by Doug Ford is taking time to sort through the rules.

New changes to the “Smoke-Free Ontario Act” which were set to come into effect on July 1, 2018 will have to be put on hold as the new government led by Doug Ford has a different plan in mind for the changes.

“The changes to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act that were set to come into effect on July 1, 2018, are being paused to give the new government the opportunity to carefully review the new regulations related to vaping,” a ministry spokesperson said.

The main changes that were supposed to be introduced to the Smoke Free Act are the ones concerning the consumption of cannabis in medical marijuana lounges.

Jon Liedtke, co-owner of one such cannabis lounge, says that these changes would put his business in danger, and maybe even close it eventually.

“I had expected that it wouldn’t be enforced and the fact that the ministry is saying now that it’s all on pause, that’s some of the best relief that I’ve heard in a while,” he said.

Jon plans on allowing his customers to keep smoking and vaping cannabis products in his lounge, as he believes that there is no law that is more important than the health of people around you.

He believes that forbidding people to consume their medicine in his shop would be, basically a violation of their human rights.

“I don’t plan on telling my customers not to take their medication, nor my employees,” he said.“Under the Ontario Human Rights Act, I have an obligation as a proprietor to not only my employees but my customers to accommodate their medical needs. So I can’t tell someone not to take their medication.”

Liedtke says that he is well aware that the Smoke-Free Act bans “combustion” and “vaporization” inside businesses, however he is adamant in his stance.

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