Ontario Aims to Open 60 Stores and Create Cannabis Control Board

Sources close to the Ontario government and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne say that she is expected to announce on Friday that the province will be opening 60 storefronts selling recreational marijuana.

It has also been mentioned that in the announcement Premier Wynne will let the public know if the Ontario will be having its own Cannabis Control Board.

The main goal of the Cannabis Control Board would be overseeing sales and distribution of recreational cannabis, which in Ontario would be sold to those 19 and older, which is actually a year above the minimum which was recommended by the federal government earlier in December.

As you may already know, the bill to legalize recreational cannabis across Canada has been introduced in April this year, and it leaves a lot of room open to the provinces to regulate the sale and distribution of marijuana.

Just a couple weeks ago the premiers of all the provinces have met in Edmonton and announced their request to the federal government, which would postpone the legalization, but at that time it didn’t look like Prime Minister Trudeau would agree to it. Later it was decided that the premiers would keep working on the set timeline and report with updates on November 1st.

“The starting point is, have we met the public safety concerns, are we sure we have the provisions in place to protect youth, do we understand what the highway traffic implications are?” Wynne said at the time. “It’s those issues that we have to resolve because we have to keep people safe.”

Just days, if not hours, after the request for the postponing of the deadline has been submitted, Prime Minister Trudeau has said that “his government intends to stick to the July 2018 deadline”, which was expected.

As of now we are waiting on Premier Wynne to make the official announcement on Friday.

Source: CBC.ca

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2 thoughts on “Ontario Aims to Open 60 Stores and Create Cannabis Control Board”

  1. The replacement of an existing, functional, prosperous, and completely viable, dispensary market with an overpriced, overburdened, and monopolistic, government owned corporation is patently INSANE.

    Our government is being misinformed by organizations that are pervaded by negative bias against all forms of cannabis use and as a result, our legislation we will be full of flaws based on gross misconceptions regarding how cannabis affects individual human physiology.

    Current legislation seems more fixated on the potential profits generated by the emerging recreational Cannabis industry rather than the many medical benefits that cannabinoid therapy could provide to a large segment of the Canadian population.

    Please research phytocannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system, and look up patent 6630507, just for starters, before making any assumptions about Cannabis Use and general health and DO NOT let unfounded fear and negative bias block access to the many medical benefits of Cannabinoid Therapy.


  2. I applaud Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the inner circle for tackling this groundbreaking change, also Anne McLellan and the rest of the Marijuana Task Force for all their work. Hopefully the provinces follow their recommendations better than Ontario appears to be setting course for.

    The government of Ontario is going to sell marijuana. Sure this is a starting point and should get the other provinces going but unfortunately many will cut and paste to follow suit. So if I am correct the OPSEU members will be able to transfer to this new marijuana division from the LCBO based on seniority, understandable but I believe there should be on aptitude test. Talk about a growth curve in new products – from actual product knowledge (it’s not just rolling and inhaling, folks) proper customer service abilities to storage and handling thru delivery (you must be like amazon and spud.ca).

    This is why I am confident that online dispensaries like Budderweeds at https://budderweeds.com will flourish for years to come. A wonderful group of knowledgeable, responsible and dedicated professionals who have been in the Cannabis Industry for 20+ years with the proper experience to serve Canadians better than the LP’s who are addicted to the stock market, elected politicians who unfortunately are dumbfounded by these fast pace changes, whom I do empathize but suffer these fools gladly.

    The marketplace should be controlled and allowed to flourish the way micro breweries and micro distilleries are able to all over Canada – the world’s leader in so many great ways. “The World Needs More Canada” quote from Barack Obama fits.

    Hopefully the remaining Premiers will take heed and do better than Ontario did. Buy weed online in Canada from coast to coast, regulate them all and bring the underground market in from the cold to a fair playing field.

    This comment was written by Dude – founder of: https://budderweeds.com
    Artisan Grower since the 1990’s

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