Patients’ Lives Matter: What’s happening with dispensaries is despicable

Cannabis advocacy organization “Patients Lives Matter” criticized Bill C-45 and Trudeau’s government in a press conference in Ottawa this Tuesday, arguing that the government shouldn’t close down dispensaries that have been operating for years.

It’s not all fine and dandy in Canada, as legalization is starting to bring forth a new wave of complaints from the cannabis consumer market. This Tuesday, a cannabis advocacy group called “Patients Lives Matter” went on an emotional attack of the government’s Bill C-45 and the latest legislation which aims to shut down grey market dispensaries and set up government operated stores that would function in a similar manner.

A spokesperson for this advocacy group first pointed out that “Trudeau’s government will have more people arrested than Steven Harper’s ever had.”

Regarding the dispensaries being shut down to open government-run stores, he added:

“Speaking of criminalization, what’s happening with current dispensaries is not only despicable but absolutely disappointing. What reasonable body of government could see something being done across the country for years and think they could close it down and do it better with no experience. How would you feel if somebody declared your job invalid? Something you’ve been doing for years, they walk right in and tell you that have no more right to do the things you’ve been doing and if you try to do it again they’ll throw you in jail for up to 14 years. On top of that, you see that they plan to open up the exact same business as you had and just expect you to sit down and accept that?”

This reaction is nothing short of expected, as there have been talks of current dispensary owners rebelling against the government’s upcoming monopoly.

According to Kyle McKay, a dispensary owner and a member of “Vote for Dispensaries” association whom we’ve interviewed several months ago, Ontario is making a huge mistake by shutting down the private market:

“I think Ontario should follow what BC is implementing right now. They have a plan in which every dispensary is paying a certain yearly license fee, it’s well regulated, the dispensaries are paying taxes, and they are operating by themselves. They aren’t being bogged down by the government, they aren’t being raided by the cops, and I truly believe we should follow that model and their footsteps.”, said Kyle.

Another point of concern for “Patients Lives Matter” was the fact that Canadians who rent might not be eligible to consume cannabis at home as the new bill allows landlords to ban smoking weed on their properties.

“Those with neighbors won’t be able to consume in their backyards as the smell is considered a nuisance, and punishable by fines should anybody complain. It’s also forbidden to smoke in the general public and lounges are forbidden for various reasons. Where exactly does this government expect us people to consume this product?”

The new bill allows people to smoke cannabis inside their own residences and, according to “Patients Lives Matter” the average smoker doesn’t own their own home.

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