Tough New Penalties for Drug Impaired Driving in Ontario

Premier Kathleen Wynne announced new laws against drug-impaired driving yesterday, which introduces tough regulation and punishment for driving under the influence.

Steven Del Duca, Ontario’s minister of transportation has said that there will be zero tolerance for anyone 21 years old and under, new drivers and commercial drivers. All other drivers will have to stay under a limit which is still to be set.

Premier Wynne said road safety will be a priority once recreational weed is legalized in 2018, and said that Ontario will learn from the model implemented in California, Washington and Colorado.

“We had a goal to balance the new freedom that people in Ontario will have to use cannabis recreationally with everyone’s expectation that it will be managed responsibly,” said premier Wynne.

According to this Ontario press release, every time you are caught driving while high you will be issued a fine and a suspension of the driver’s license. So no more hotboxing on the road, OK?

Here is what the fines and suspensions are as of July 1st:

The Ontario government is to sell recreation marijuana on 150 dedicated locations run by the province’s liquor control board and make 19 the legal age to buy recreational cannabis.

Source: CBC