Quebec has the cheapest weed among all Canadian provinces

Research conducted by Statistics Canada has shown that a “dark horse” province has the cheapest weed in all of Canada.

If we told you that the cheapest weed in all of Canada can be bought in Montreal, would you believe? Well, that is exactly what is going on right now.

A study conducted by Statistics Canada has proven that Quebec is the province with the lowest prices of weed on average. More than 15,000 Canadians have participated in this online survey since January 25.

Average price of cannabis per gram (according to Statistics Canada)

Northwest Territories $11.89
Nunavut $10.24
Yukon $7.91
Newfoundland and Labrador $7.87
Saskatchewan $7.47
Ontario $7.33
Alberta $7.28
Manitoba $7.21
Nova Scotia $7.12
Prince Edward Island $7.02
British Columbia $6.97
New Brunswick $6.39
Quebec $5.89
Average $6.79

As you can see, the most northern provinces have the highest prices, while the eastern provinces are fairly cheap and within the national average.

The prices tend to be around the $7 to $7.5 CAD for the remaining provinces, with the exception of British Columbia which is just below the $7 mark.

The nationwide average is also below the $7 mark, as it currently stands at $6.79, which is fairly low when compared to prices of cannabis in the US.

StatsCan economist Conrad Barber-Dueck implied that the sample might report lower prices due to the inclusion of higher rate of daily users who generally buy weed in bulk.

“We don’t know if people are misreporting, although at nearly 16,000 respondents from across the country, it would be difficult for respondents to have a co-ordinated effort to skew the results,” said Conrad Barber-Dueck.

The surprisingly low prices are in contrary to what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, as several months ago he announced that the price of recreational cannabis will most likely be around $10 CAD per gram.

He also announced a 50/50 split on cannabis tax, which was later changed to 75% for the provincial governments and only 25% for the federals.

Seeing how competitive pricing is one of the biggest factors in battling the black market we can expect new announcements from Justin Trudeau in the near future.

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