Quebec Residents Will Be Forced to Buy Recreational Marijuana From the Government

If you thought Ontario was going to have a strict pot plan, wait till you see the laws being implemented in Quebec.

Residents of Quebec will have only 2 solutions, one of which is not even a real solution, to get their recreational pot:

  1. You can purchase recreational cannabis from one of the government-run stores, or
  2. Just keep doing what you are doing by getting cheap weed on the black market

The plan does not specify a price or permissible levels of THC – the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

This only goes further to show that the government of Quebec can’t really trust its residents.

Zero tolerance for driving while high

There will be no excuses for those driving under the influence of cannabis.

The legislation draft, which was introduced yesterday, allows police officers to test drivers on cannabis by asking for saliva samples from drivers.

Police officers will be able to confiscate and suspend the driving license of those found to be positive on the test.

The longest proposed suspension will be for 90 days if driving with a trace of cannabis or illicit drugs.

That is by far the roughest driving law introduced so far, at least when it comes to drug-related offenses.

Growing weed at home won’t be a thing

If you were hoping to set up shop in your room, basement, or any other non-licensed cannabis facility, you’ll be in a lot of trouble with the law.

The province will have 15 stores ready by July 1 and up to 150 in two years.

Let’s do the math here:

  • By July 1st, there will be 15 stores open in Quebec
  • Quebec has a 1.542.056 kmsurface
  • Quebec has ~8 million people

So, there will be approximately on recreational pot store on every 100.000km2  and that’s in a perfect world, but more likely there will be several in the big cities, and none nowhere else.

As for the people, there’s going to be one dispensary on about 500k people, until more open up.

Of course, we’re not saying that all 8 million residents of Quebec are pot smokers, we are just pointing towards the ridiculously big flaws in the government’s plan.

So, if you live anywhere North of Quebec City, you might as well forget about recreational cannabis until you hear news of those 150 stores opening their doors…

Quebec is also creating a $25-million prevention and research fund which will use revenue from pot sales to study the effects of cannabis on public health, treatment, and harm-prevention activities.

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