Questions Arise in the Light of the Recent Weed Shortage

Given that recreational cannabis is about to be legalized in Canada, it is only normal to look at other countries, especially our neighbors, and try to absorb as much information and knowledge from their experiences as we can.

Nevada is the 8th state that legalized marijuana, and in the first days of legalization, the state officials noted that they’ve made a big miscalculation when it came to the supply of weed to the dispensaries.

The demand for legal marijuana was so big, that dispensaries were selling out before the end of the shift. It seems that Nevada had zero clues about just how many stoners there are within the borders of the desert state. In fact, Nevada sold out legal marijuana so quickly, the government used a ‘statement of emergency’ to bring in more weed.

The Nevada Tax Commission, a subsidiary of the state Department of Taxation, has passed a new regulation to address the shortage in a unanimous vote. The commission found that the current pool of stores licensed to distribute marijuana is insufficient to support the market.

This only brings one question: how much weed will Canada need in its first weeks after the legalization takes place? The number of licensed producers is not known to the public yet when it comes to the producers of marijuana for future recreational purposes, but we do know that there are currently 52 licensed producers of medicinal marijuana for the whole country.

This number is clearly way too small to supply a bigger state such as say, Ontario or British Columbia, let alone the whole country, as we know that the number of dispensaries in the state of Nevada is just under 50.

How will Canada deal with the possibility of a major marijuana shortage soon after its legalization? Is there a possibility of importing from the border states with legal marijuana in the US? Stay tuned to find out.

Source: Newsweek

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