Recreational Cannabis in Alberta Will be Sold Through Private Stores

As the provinces announce their recreational cannabis plans, more and more provinces seem to be distancing from the cannabis monopoly model that Ontario first announced, and Alberta is one of them.

Alberta will most likely become the second province to implement a so-called “hybrid model” which relies on both private and government cannabis businesses.

Residents of Alberta will have the opportunity to engage in cannabis business, as a whole new market emerges and opens up to them since the government of Alberta will not have any stores on the ground.

Some of the most important things to know about Alberta’s cannabis model can be read below:

  • In Alberta, adults over 18 will be allowed to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis in a public place
  • Young people — those under the legal age of 18 — will not be allowed to purchase or possess any cannabis
  • Underaged residents which get caught with less than 5 grams of cannabis won’t be criminally processed
  • Growing cannabis plants will be allowed in homes and closed environments

However, the government will run all online sales of cannabis in the province.

This comes as a solution to one of the biggest problems with recreational cannabis — sales to underaged citizens.

Alberta not OK with federal tax plan

As Justin Trudeau’s government has announced a draft of his plan to add a $1 per gram, or 10% tax on total marijuana purchases, whichever is higher, reactions are not pleasant.

Cam Batley, executive vice-president of Aurora Cannabis, said that taxing medical cannabis same as recreational is simply wrong.

“Many people who use medical cannabis have chronic illnesses, and are already in a low-income situation. What they do not need is additional cost-burden,” – Batley said.

Another plan which was talked about is the 50/50 plan, which would give half of the taxes back to the province and the other half to the federal government.

Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci was not having any of it.

“The federal govenrment must be smoking something if they think this plan will work for the provinces,” – Minister Joe Ceci said.

He believes that the majority of, at the very least most of the money should go back to the provinces after taxation.

Finance Minister Ceci has also foreshadowed the announcement of the hybrid model in a recent interview regarding the 50/50 plan, which can be seen below.

Minister Ceci couldn’t officially confirm the hybrid model of cannabis sales, but there have been strong hints for a couple days circling the internet, such as this Press Gallery talk show.

Read our full report on the Alberta recreational cannabis framework.

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