Show Your Best Weed Strain at the Toronto Pitch Session

The Canadian “Green Rush” is becoming more certain each day and as we come close to the legalization date (July 1st, 2018), Canadians are starting to gather and present their successes in weed growing.  

In fact, all those growing medicinal weed and hoping to get a piece of the recreational cake will have a chance to pitch their strains to some of the most influential investors in Canada.

Over the next two days, the ArcView Group, which represents hundreds of angel investors, will be listening to big ideas from pot entrepreneurs looking for seed capital.

One of the people looking to cash in on this opportunity is Troy Danton, chief executive of a California-based cannabis investment firm.

According to him, the competition on the market is tough, but he also says that: “There is so much opportunity in the cannabis market. Whether it’s in agriculture or software systems, new consumption devices, and marketing, there is an endless opportunity in this space.”

Even though ArcView Group holds these pitch sessions quite often, this is only the second time they have hosted such an event in Canada. With the legalization date getting closer by the day, we can expect more from them in the coming days.

Last year, a Canadian lifestyle brand Tokyo Smoke won the first Canadian Arcview Pitch Competition.

The Toronto-based lifestyle brand seeks to bring the same emotionally charged marketing strategy that coffee companies like Starbucks use to cannabis.

As legislation expected to allow cannabis producers and sellers to shift from a black market to a regulated industry evolves, investment opportunities will explode, according to Troy Dayton.

“There’s going to be some irrational exuberance, there will always be investments that don’t make sense,” he says. “It’s hoped that investors leveraging the wisdom of their peers will avoid that.”

If you are looking for a place to find funding for a potential weed dispensary or something weed related, this just might be the perfect place to start.

Source: CBC

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