Singles in Canada tend to be more weed-friendly than you might have thought

A dating website called surveyed over 4,000 singles to see how marijuana affects their love life and what are their thoughts on mixing the two.

Cannabis and sex go together and new findings seem to just confirm this fact over and over again.

In a survey done by a dating service through their user base, 4000 singles gave their honest opinion on the topic of having sex while under the influence of cannabis.

So, does cannabis make sex better?

Well, just like anything else with cannabis, many people claim that it does make sex better, but there’s not much scientific proof to back it up.

Amazingly, according to the survey mentioned above, 82% of people are ok with dating someone that smokes, and 52% of people surveyed said they’d even get high on a first date.

Now, just in case we already made this article too stats-heavy, here’s a bunch of pornstars telling you their experiences with cannabis and sex.

Seeing how Canada is pretty liberal it shouldn’t surprise you that out of the 4000 people surveyed, more than 2/3 of them had sex while under the influence of cannabis.

Even less shockingly, that same group of people said that they would definitively do it again if offered the chance.

Something that might be more surprising is the fact that women are more weed-friendly men.

86% of women are also more open to the possibility of dating a person who uses marijuana women, compared to 79% of men, and more women reported having used marijuana while having sex — 78% vs 62% of men.

A study in 2016 examined the link between marijuana and sex and found that approximately 50% of the participants reported feeling “aphrodisiac effects”,while 70% said they experienced “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction” after smoking.

Even though there are more important medical studies to be done on the effects on cannabis on the human body, we would be greatly thankful if some Institute of Medicine finally did the complete research study and put the story to bed.

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