Smoking ban in Florida and delivery ban in California will be shortlasted

Smoking medical marijuana in Florida is illegal, and delivering any type of marijuana in California is illegal as well—but both of those may soon change.

Even though medical marijuana is legal in Florida, smoking it is illegal. But that might change soon.

On the other side of the United States, California has both legalized both medical and recreational cannabis and their market is flourishing.

Here’s how these two states are shaping up their cannabis markets.

Florida will lift the ban on smoking

Gov. Ron DeSantis announced yesterday that he has asked the Legislature to change Florida law so that it allows for smoking of medical marijuana.

In 2016, 71% of Floridians voted to legalize medical marijuana on a constitutional amendment which made it legal to produce and sell cannabis in the form of pills, oils, edibles, and vapes. The same law also capped the number of medical marijuana licenses and dispensaries in the state.

Former Governor Rick Scott appealed court decisions that ruled these limitations unconstitutional.

Current Governor Ron DeSantis has said that if the Legislature doesn’t follow his order he will simply drop the state’s appeal of a court decision that says banning it violates a constitutional amendment.

“I am somebody who respects the prerogative of the Legislature,” he said. “I don’t want these things being dealt with judicially if we can help it.”

One of the biggest proponents of federal legalization lately has been the Florida-based Congressman Matt Gaetz.

It would seem that Florida has a very affirmative platform when it comes to legalizing marijuana, so we shouldn’t be surprised if the state passes a law soon legalizing all cannabis products.

Delivery is now an option in California

Since the legalization of cannabis for adult use last January, counties and cities in California have been deciding if they want to opt-in or ban the cannabis trade and sales on their grounds.

That left the companies and cannabis delivery services California somewhat confused.

The system in California has forced delivery companies trying to stay compliant with local laws to draw up elaborate maps to tell drivers where they can legally go, said Ian Stewart, a lawyer at a cannabis law firm Wilson Elser.

Just two days ago, the Office of Administrative Law gave licensed cannabis delivery operations free rein to deliver almost anywhere in California, even into cities and counties that banned it.

In some places, even delivering medical marijuana was illegal.

California currently boasts the biggest cannabis market in the US.

Some of the biggest cannabis companies and delivery services have made their first steps in California, such as Eaze which is now a well known weed delivery app.

Another company operating in this area is Weedmaps, a cannabis app/website that shows users the number of dispensaries in their vicinity from which they can later buy weed.

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