Texas Medical Marijuana Program is Rolling Out in a Few Weeks

Texas will be ready to sell its first bag of medical marijuana in just a few weeks, as all the preparations for the Longhorn State to go green are wrapping up.

One of the licensed producers that will be supplying Texas’ medical marijuana program is Knox Medical, a company with some experience already gathered in the Florida market.

You might have never even guessed it, but just 30-minutes away from Disneyland is a huge greenhouse for in which they grow marijuana for their consumers.

“I never thought in a million years, I’d be growing marijuana,” admits Bruce Knox, the company’s COO.

“I grew up extremely… with conservative values, and I’d never even seen a cannabis plant prior to getting into this,” said Knox.

The funniest part of the story, however, is that his parents were both law enforcement officers and the ones which founded Knox Nursery in 1962.

This only goes further to prove that cannabis really is the crop of the future.

Bruce Knox teamed up his business with Cansortium Holdings to create Knox Medical in 2015, after which they submitted their license request.

When asked when will they start supplying the market, Jose Hidalgo, Knox Medical’s CEO and founder said: “We believe we will be ready by the end of the year”.

Several years ago, Texas had passed laws allowing non-smoking forms of the drug to be used for limited medical purposes.

How to get medical marijuana in Texas?

To access the drug in Texas, epilepsy patients will have to have a prescription from a neurologist who’s on the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas, or CURT.

Currently, there are only 5 such doctors registered in the whole state of Texas, and only one of those five is located in North Texas.

Of course, those 5 doctors will not be able to prescribe cannabis medication to patients until companies have it available for sale.


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