The US will soon see a slew of new cannabis bills

The political world is warming up towards cannabis as we expect at least a few federal bills to come through in the coming months.

Even though Trump might have talked a lot of smack, made some pretty conservative and borderline fascist statements, and at one point even banned Muslims from entering the country — he just might go down as the hero of the cannabis world.

Whether it’s his own doing, or just the global situation turning more and more towards legalizing marijuana, the fact that federal cannabis legalization is likely to happen in America is amazing in itself.

The latest surprise came just yesterday when two Trump cabinet officials promised to review bipartisan marijuana bills.

Administration working on legalizing marijuana

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and AG Barr seem to be well on their way to paving the road for legal cannabis.

First, Barr told the media two days ago that he would rather have a marijuana reform bill instead of the current laws in place.

Then, he mentioned that he’s been pushing hard the last couple of weeks for the expansion of the number of federally authorized cannabis manufacturers in the US.

Currently the only federally legal production center is at the University of Mississippi, and from what tests found, the plants there tested more closely to hemp than cannabis in recent findings.

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has also started working on reviewing the SAFE Act which would allow easy banking for the businesses involved in the cannabis industry.

“I’m not going to make a comment on what the policy should be,” Mnuchin said. “There is a problem that there is a conflict between the federal law and state law.”

Since the SAFE Act was already approved by the House Financial Services Committee last week, AG Barr said that he didn’t get to see the STATES Act yet, but it’s been circling through the Justice Department “for comments”.

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