These 3 Canadian LPs are looking to recover from supply issues

Canadian cannabis companies are working on improving the supply of dried flowers but, according to some sources, these issues may persist all the way up to 2020.

It’s almost Christmas and there’s very little weed to go around. I guess the weed elves didn’t put in enough work this fall and winter.

Many licensed producers just got their first licenses and are still sorting out the paperwork. Two months into legalization and we still don’t have a clearly defined winner.

This is in part to the shortage that left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth and the failure of government-run online dispensaries to deliver all orders on time.

Some sources are even saying that the shortage might last all the way up until 2020.

Some of the more established sources of legal cannabis performed well, while others got shorted and we had our first meaningful merger.

However, the biggest growth is happening in companies that received their licenses some time ago, and are now expanding upon them.

WeedMD gets 6 more cultivation rooms

WeedMD recently announced that they’ve secured a license amendment approval which will allow them to expand their production into six additional 10,000 square foot cultivation rooms.

The company already has 50,000 square feet licensed in the same facility, which will bring the total capacity of their state-of-the-art greenhouse facility up to 110,000 square feet.

WeedMD also has an indoor facility which makes up another 26,000 square feet, making the total 136,000 square feet.

As of this year, WeedMD will also be active on the Asian cannabis market as they have signed an agreement to export cannabis genetics to Pharmocann in Israel.

CEO Keith Merker says that the company has more than 20,000 cannabis plants that are waiting to be transplanted into the new rooms and start flowering.

Namaste rejects tainted supply

While Namaste may have been under a lot of scrutinies lately, there is no saying that this company does not have potential.

Namaste Technologies Inc. reported that the company has returned a supply of dried cannabis they received from Bonify Inc.

The company claims this is due to a recall that Health Canada insisted on after the dried cannabis made by Bonify failed certain quality and health standard checks.

“The company is pleased to report that these procedures rejected the supply of dried cannabis from Bonify Inc., which was the subject of the recall by Health Canada on Dec. 7, 2018 and the relevant product was immediately returned to Bonify,” – a statement from Namaste Technologies Inc.

Wayland receives additional licensing

Wayland Group, formerly known as Maricann, has received additional licensing for seven additional grow rooms.

The company plans to move nearly 22,000 vegetative plants into the newly licensed rooms, three of which will be used for one cycle of flowering, after which they will be used to support a perpetual cycle of cultivation as vegetation rooms.

An additional ten flower rooms totaling 94,500 square feet have yet to be completed and licensed by Health Canada,  before cultivation can commence in those areas.

Wayland Group currently has a state-of-the-art production facility in Langton, Ontario, but it is also licensing product technologies such as VESIsorb® which is a cannabidiol absorption technology.

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