Which university will first offer an online pot growing class?

Many might agree that 2017 was truly a huge year for cannabis enthusiasts around the world. Major battles for marijuana-related liberties have been won by the pot-advocates left and right this year, as we’ve seen an incredible breakthrough not only in North America, but Europe, South America, Australia and a few other places.

We’ve already seen some schools and universities offering degrees in fields related to cannabis cultivating techniques. In fact, University of Northern Michigan is offering a degree which will give you the title of medicinal plant chemistry engineer. That job can reportedly pay up to $70,000 right out of college.

However, that is not really teaching you to grow pot as much as it teaches you the chemistry of cannabis itself. Canadian Niagara College may be the first one to do so, as they’ve already announced a class of 2019 which will be taking classes on their Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus.

Niagara College, located in the heart of Ontario, established a one-year post-grad program in commercial cannabis production, which is supposedly the first of its kind in Canada.

This is indeed the first college-level course which will teach its freshmen expert cannabis growing methodswhich will satisfy Canadian federal and provincial standards. It is legal by all means and your first chance to legally learn more about the cultivation of weed, its growing process, and the whole process that comes after the plant is sown.

Apparently, even though Canada is dead set on legalizing recreational marijuana this summer, they are lacking the necessary staff for the legalization. In fact, even the government itself said “there’s a huge need for highly-skilled well-trained workers who are not only knowledgeable about the crop itself, but the legal requirements governed by Health Canada”.

Now, back to the Niagara College weed growing program. The only problem this program really has is the lack of an online version. Since it is in its first year, the program will until further notice only have an on-campus version.

Really, this program will teach you everything you need to know about cannabis, and it will most likely be a rather interesting experience. But still one you have to come on campus for. If you’d take a look at their registration schedule you’d see this.

Those that finish the program offered by Niagara College will have a chance to primarily work for licensed producers as growers or production, quality assurance, post-harvest, propagation and operation managers.

Since the program is still making its baby steps and hasn’t announced a class for January 2019 we can safely say that Niagara College won’t be offering any online weed growing classes any time soon.

Meanwhile, on the East coast of Canada, in New Brunswick province, the Liberal government initialized a group of 25 students which will be taking part in pot-growing classes which started last month at Dieppe community college.

However, the program in Dieppe Community college is very small, limited and not very well funded so there are not really any huge expectations and announcement of an online version at this time.

Now, this one is kinda iffy, CannabisTrainingUniversity.com is a great resource and reportedly a university, but I’m not sold on the whole idea of online universities. And besides, I’d be much more comfortable with a regular university online program than a completely online school. That just sounds sketchy to me…

That being said, the Cannabis Training University website looks awesome, their offer is very, VERY cheap and even if you only got a hang of the basics for that money you got your money’s worth. I’m just not completely sold on it.

It seems that e-growing still isn’t a thing, but you better believe that things like learning how to grow weed via online classes will be a reality soon. For now, I would suggest that all interested parties sit tight and wait it out for a bit longer. Heck, maybe you should even consider making a video guide if you have some experience and share it with your peers!

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