The VA doctors may soon be able to prescribe medical marijuana

US Senator Bill Nelson just filed a bill that would allow for Veteran Affairs (VA) doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to military veterans who live in states that legalized it.

In what is turning out to be a landmark bill for medicine, cannabis and military veterans, Senator Bill Nelson just filed a bill that, if passed, will allow the VA doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to veterans who need it.

The story of military veterans suffering from PTSD, chronic pain, lack of sleep and dozens of other problems are starting to sound too familiar and repetitive, and something needs to be done about it.

A must-pass bill

It is more than obvious that the current system is not up to par with the problems it is facing, especially when it comes to military veterans — America’s favorite group of heroes.

Wounded soldiers are returning from the battlegrounds, more and more soldiers are being drafted each year, but not much is being done to take care of them after they’ve returned home.

This is why the senior Florida senator, who’s been pushing for cannabis legalization for quite some time now, is now making a new push to help the returning troops.

The bill is aptly titled “Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act,” and it is primarily focused on the following:

  • Giving VA doctors the right to prescribe cannabis to vets
  • The use of medical marijuana in pain treatment
  • The relationship between access to such programs and the abuse of opioid painkillers.

According to data collected and analyzed by the American Legion, military veterans are twice as likely to die from a drug overdose than regular citizens.

Veterans and Medical Cannabis

This bill also aims to reduce opioid addiction and deaths from accidental drug overdose, something that is becoming more and more present among the veteran population.

Senator Nelson said the following in a statement to the press:

“Federal law prohibits VA doctors from prescribing or recommending medical marijuana to veterans. This legislation will allow veterans in Florida and elsewhere the same access to legitimately prescribed medication, just as any other patient in those 31 states would have.”

Keep in mind that in the past both the Congress has approved several amendments aimed at allowing VA doctors to recommend medical cannabis, although they never came through to the expected extent.

Latest findings are showing that 82% of veterans support having medical cannabis as a federally legal treatment option, and hopefully, this bill will make their wishes come true.

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