What is going on in the United States of Marijuana?

The United States of America has been in the process of legalizing marijuana for well over 20 years, at least in some states. On the federal level, marijuana still remains a Schedule 1 narcotic.

The first state to effectively legalize cannabis on some level was, you guessed it, California in 1996.

Quickly after Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Nevada had their moment under the legalization spotlight in 1998, and all states passed their medical laws without a hiccup.

Two decades later, this is what the map of the United States of Marijuana looks like:

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United States of Marijuana 2018

As you may see from the map above, chances of getting caught and arrested for marijuana possession in today’s America is very slim.

In the blue and green colored states, you practically can’t get fined for possession unless you have a lot of it on you.

As long as you are in one of these 40+ states, the worst thing that can happen to you if you get caught by a cop with a dime bag in your pocket is to get a fine.

It won’t be a small fine, but you won’t go to jail and nobody will give you trouble for it when applying for a job.

You can get arrested for cannabis possession in 3 states Idaho, South Dakota, and of course Kansas, the home state of Westboro Baptist church.

In fact, in case you do get arrested in those 3 states, you will most likely spend the night in jail and might get some prison time…

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, 8 states have regulated recreational cannabis, meaning that you don’t even have to have a chronic illness to enjoy your favorite plant.

Enemy of the State, no longer

A Delaware panel formed to consider issues surrounding legalization has been the one to make larger strides towards introducing recreational marijuana in on the state level.

The panel is expected to issue its report and recommendations early next year.

Another state trying to make legalize medical marijuana is Oklahoma. Governor Mary Fallin says she plans to set an election date for a medical marijuana ballot measure after the start of the new year.

If approved by voters, the measure would permit doctors to recommend patients who are 25 years and older, for a state-issued medical marijuana license.

Of other southern states, Texas will be rolling out its medical marijuana program in a few days, and Arkansas is supposed to announce on Feb. 27 which companies will be supplying the state’s medical marijuana program.

As we move further north across the states, a huge marijuana movement is developing as Ohio has approved 23 licensed producers which applied for a permit.

Lastly, Maryland has finally started with sales of medical marijuana. Over the weekend customers were lining up in hopes of getting their first bag of legal medicinal marijuana!

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