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Why Are Moms That Smoke Marijuana Often Being Looked Down On

What is wrong with moms that smoke marijuana in their free time? Absolutely nothing.

Mothers that smoke marijuana, whether it is medical or recreational, have been a hotly debated topic ever since medical cannabis first got legalized in certain states.

The stigma of smoking marijuana when having children mostly focuses on mothers being considered as “bad examples” to their kids, “lazy”, and generally representing them as the hippies of the 21st century.

The Women and Weed Survey was conducted online by CVI (Canadian Viewpoint Inc.) on behalf of Van der Pop.

The survey subjects were 1,530 North American women who have consumed cannabis or are interested in trying it.

Across America, 70% of women still believe there is a stigma around smoking marijuana, and that number goes barely down to 66% in states that legalized recreational cannabis.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, as 66% of women still hide their marijuana consumption.

Here are the most common reasons mothers cited for smoking marijuana:

  • Pain relief
  • Relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Anxiety reduction

These 4, among several others, are the most common reasons around the US as well, so it comes as a surprise to many when moms use cannabis daily for regular reasons.

Here are some other findings from the Women and Weed Survey:

  • 38% use cannabis for medical only reasons and 37% do so for a combination of medical and recreational reasons, while 25% use for recreational purposes only;
  • A very surprising stat we found is that women prefer glass utensils (around 77%) over smoking joints (73%);
  • Among mothers with children under 18 years, 89% of them have already talked, or plan to talk about cannabis with their children;
  • 21% of women surveyed strongly agree they have a solid understanding of the science behind cannabis;

Mothers can’t trust online resources

In the world dominated by technology and unlimited access to the internet, it can often be extremely hard to find the information you are looking for.

Given that cannabis is a very touchy topic and a drug that could get you arrested in some places around the states, it can be very difficult to trust information about weed that you’ve found online.

Here’s a list of sources every mom can definitely trust when it comes to cannabis facts:

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