Will Ontarians Be Willing to Buy Weed from the Government?

Last Friday Ontario became the first province to announce their plan for the sale and distribution of recreational marijuana. Advocates of the free market definitely didn’t like what they heard on Friday.

Recreational marijuana is to be regulated and sold by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, with some distinct similarities to the regulations in the sales of alcohol.

All users must be over the age of 19, and consuming marijuana will not be allowed outside of their residencies. But, in case you do get caught in the park smoking on some loud, make sure you always pull the Jim Trick.

Many citizens think that this step towards total government monopoly over recreational marijuana is not the direction in which the law should move towards since it might mean fewer options for medicinal users.

“At first I was pretty happy that they had a plan,” says Peter Thurley, who is replacing opioid treatment for a burst bowel with medicinal marijuana. “But I quickly came to realize that that the plan as it’s laid out is essentially a full government monopoly,” he added.

Attorney General Yasir Naqvi said that the law will not be punitive, and will not be aimed towards criminally charging underage users caught with small amounts of marijuana.

Another thing to keep in mind if the province goes forth with this plan is the potential increase on the black market, which will even out the demand to some extent but will also significantly affect the price.

The government hasn’t yet said how they plan to price or tax marijuana. Sonya Serafin, a volunteer at Canna Connoisseurs said: “If they don’t make it cheap enough, then people are still going to be buying on the street,” which is what the legalization of recreational cannabis was supposed to stop in the first place.

Source: BNN

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