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Year in Rewind: best of global cannabis stories in 2017

This year has truly been a blessing for marijuana enthusiasts, business owners, and pretty much everyone tied to marijuana in Canada and the US.

CBD wins across the board

CBD is an active component of marijuana which has been successfully extracted and repurposed for medical use. This year the World Health Organization declared it non-addictive and suggested it should be removed from the list of banned substances.

Hemp production has doubled in the US this year, and CBD products are projected to create a billion dollar industry.

Opioids in the US have been a major factor when counting the death toll, however, it seems to be possible to lower it by legalizing cannabis.

CBD oil will play a big role in fighting the opioid crisis, as it has proven to be a very effective way of managing pain and the side effects of chemotherapy and similar cancer treatments.

CBD oil is well on its way to make an impact in Canada, as the production of CBD oils jumped by 313% this year.

A bunch of US states made moves towards legalization

Seeing how US Attorney General Jeff Sessions was a huge adversary of marijuana during his time, it comes off as a surprise that he didn’t pursue a federal lockdown on marijuana in 2017.

This prompted many states to move forward with cannabis legalization and decriminalization.

Colorado, one of the first states to legalize marijuana in the US made well over half a billion USD in tax revenues this year.

In an attempt to lower the rates of opioid addiction many types of research and studies have been conducted in order to find a correlation between marijuana and lowering the use of opioids.

More great news for previous pot smokers — if you plan on joining the US Army, you won’t be discriminated against anymore, as the US Army is now forgiving past marijuana use to new recruits!

Canada is preparing the legislation to legalize recreational marijuana in 2018

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the legalization of recreational marijuana, alongside with the $1 tax plan per single gram. Provinces will get 75% of the taxation revenue.

There were several projections as to how big the market will be, but most people agree that Canada’s recreational cannabis market will be around $4.2 billion USD.

North American cannabis market may actually hit $10 billion when Canada, Mexico, and the US join powers. In fact, the US market alone will be worth 20 billion by 2022.

Perhaps the best news coming from Canada is the fact that private retailers will be allowed to sell recreational marijuana in several provinces, but most importantly the Western Giant — British Columbia. Provinces like Ontario, Alberta and Quebec will retain full control over the sales of recreational marijuana through government-owned stores.

Health Canada almost doubled the number of licenses issued to producers this year, bringing the total to 80.

California sets up recreational market for 2018

Recreational marijuana will be legal in California as of January 1st. Find out what you’ll need to grow your own weed, and what are the regulations regarding recreational pot in Cali.

Cannabis tax is very likely to be high (similarly to several other states), even up to 45% for those in California.

There’s a lot of things going on in the United States of Marijuana these days, but one of the most important things is to keep a cool head and wait for January to do whatever you want to do.

Don’t act crazy and start San Diego County residents that recently got busted, like the San Diego County residents that recently got busted.

Fake CBD and marijuana on the rise again

Cannabis knockoffs, “Spice”, K2 and similar spice-like smokables have been sold in the US on an alarming scale in 2017. In fact, a K2 epidemic hit Texas this year.

Patients were sold fake CBD oils in Utah, which caused massive seizures in patients that took it.

Synthetic THC was also in play, as the company that produced Fentanyl is now in play to find themselves a new lethal drug to make.

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