Welcome to Greencamp: Your HQ for Exploring the World of Cannabis

What Greencamp is all about?

At its very essence, Greencamp is the cure to the world’s never ending cannabis curiosity. And who understands that better than the very people who ask the questions all the time.

After realizing there are still many unanswered questions about cannabis, we decided to get together and give our two cents to this constantly evolving market. Well, a bit more than that.

Two brainstorming sessions and 4 grams of Kush later, we came to decision:

Why not make a blog that focuses only on blowing people’s minds with actionable tutorials and interesting content?

Enter Greencamp

How Greencamp improves your cannabis usage?

Let’s face it — one of the most common questions you ask yourself when you visit any website is:

“What’s in it for me?”

At Greencamp, everything is for you. And this is the image we constantly hold in our mind.

First of all, Greencamp is ad-free and we’re not selling anything, which means no annoying pop ups with makeshift Russian viagra to disturb your learning experience.

Secondly, you get a completely free access to actionable cannabis tutorials, like how to grow weed, how to roll a joint, best cures for cottonmouth, etc. The tutorials we write are not just any 300 word quickies….We research, we do and then we blog.

Thirdly, you get an inside look into a tight-knit cannabis culture. You will discover the most fun things to do when high, best movies to watch, top video games for stoners and many, many more interesting things.

Last, but not the least, you will be an integral part of one the most laid back weed communities on the planet. There is an ongoing communication taking place in our newsletter which, besides delivering high quality content on your virtual doorstep, ensures that you get all of your questions answered, in one way or another.

Simply said:

In your exploration of the mighty cannabis plant, you are the explorer and Greencamp is your HQ.

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About our team


Helena Miles

An occasional cannabis user for the past 10 years, I’ve been enjoying it mostly as a stress reliever. My major is communicology and also have a degree in international relations, but started writing about marijuana out of enthusiasm. In my free my time I do Irish dance and run, travel, read and study.


Alex Trpkovich

I mainly write how-to’s and consumption tutorials, since I have the most field experience with everything cannabis related. I’m in love with Amsterdam and the Red Light district. Feel free to email me for awesome weed muffin recipes, strain tips and more.


Marco Medic

I’m a fanatic weed lover ever since my late teens, so I consider writing about everything cannabis-related an extreme privilege and delight. I mostly cover topics that revolve around the sheer basics of this amazing plant, and also some weed-culture stuff from time to time. In my free time I enjoy chilling with my friends and discussing various conspiracy theories.


Luke Petkovich

I first got introduced to the plant 11 years ago and it’s been a thrill ride ever since. My main points of interest are technical tutorials and topics related to cannabis culture. In my spare time, I love working out and watching classic stoner TV, like South Park and Game of Thrones.

If you want to partner up with us…

We genuinely want to leave a mark on the cannabis industry and would be happy to discuss your projects and see how we can help you out. Our readers are our utmost priority and we will not collaborate on something that is not in their best interest.

Please get in touch with us if:

  • You have a cannabis-related startup that you think can change the world. We’d love to learn more about it and eventually mention it to our readers.
  • You have an exciting new product that brings in something new to the market.
  • You have a cannabis website/blog and are looking to collaborate on an interview, piece of content or other exciting stuff.
  • You are a licensed producer located in Canada or US and would like us to write about your business.
  • You are a part of the cannabis industry and would like to discuss an upcoming project.

We read everything that comes in, but, unfortunately, we cannot respond to every single email. If your submission looks interesting, we’ll get in touch right away.

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