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Who we are

Greencamp is an online resource that provides a thorough, objective and fresh perspective on delicate topics that deal with cannabis use.

We are a group of cannabis experts and aficionados, passionate about providing truth and actionable, trusted advice. We take a first-person, human approach to our content—which is awarded by hundreds of thousands of readers who come to Greencamp every month.

Our mission is to create a globally recognized website that educates the world about the many benefits of cannabis, but only using objective and well-researched information, sourcing relevant scientific studies and reputable sources.

Our long-term vision is to lead the way in building an open-minded community that drives further scientific research on cannabis and removes the stigma that comes with it.

To help you use cannabis smarter, we make in-depth guides and tools that simplify the complex relationship between the active compounds found in cannabis and your own body.

Editorial policy and guidelines

We are the industry leaders when it comes to evidence-based content and we do that by researching scientific studies and interviewing leading experts from the cannabis industry, doctors and thought-leaders to find the middle ground that has the best chance of helping you.

Our writers, editors (and even the management team) abide to journalistic integrity and core ethical journalism principles. All of our content honors the SPJ Code of Ethics and FTC guidelines and we strive to provide information that is fair, accurate and up-to-date, on any given topic.

We have 4 core editorial principles:

  • Share the truth — our content seeks to provide truth regardless of the consequences. For example, if one of our writers finds substantial evidence that points to a different conclusion than the one currently accepted, they are encouraged to share their views and back it up. Everything we do is to give you a complete picture.
  • Write with the world in mind — even though most of our visitors are based in the United States and Canada, our content reaches readers from more than 150 countries every single month. For us, every person counts and that is why we write a lot of content that is global in nature and covers broad topics.
  • Be accountable — we take ownership for every article we publish and we’ll recognize and edit if we ever make a factual mistake. To keep you up to speed on the latest research, we try to constantly keep our content updated.
  • Write unique content — our writers spend a lot of time digesting research studies, scientific journals and other scientific knowledge bases to provide content that provides a unique point of view on every topic.

Greencamp’s editorial staff manages all content and ensures that every article is extremely relevant to you as a reader. In addition, they fact-check every piece of content and ensure that every medical claim is supported by relevant scientific research.

All writers and editorial staff on Greencamp have gone through an extensive training process and support our core editorial principles with their work.

When writing, our content is sourced mainly from:

  1. Clinical studies and journals — this is prevalent in our CBD and Health categories, as it’s here where anecdotal evidence provides the clearest pathway. The issue here is that there are not many human studies in the area of cannabis, so we frequently cite large-scale animal studies along with anecdotal evidence (if we can’t find applicable human studies).
  2. Author’s expertise — all our writers have more than 10 years of experience with cannabis and are constantly exploring the latest advances in both cannabis culture and cannabis science. For many topics (for example the ones related to Growing and How To) we rely primarily on author’s perspectives and public knowledge.

Content is published on Greencamp only after it has been previously approved by our editorial staff. All supporting images, graphics, charts and visuals are custom-made in line with that content in order to accurately reflect the topic in question.

For more information on our policies, please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If you want to work with us…

We genuinely want to leave a mark on the cannabis industry and would be happy to discuss your projects and see how we can help you out. Our readers are our utmost priority and we will not collaborate on something that is not in their best interest.

Please get in touch with us if:

  • You have a cannabis-related startup that you think can change the world. We’d love to learn more about it and eventually mention it to our readers.
  • You have an exciting new product that brings in something new to the market.
  • You have a cannabis website/blog and are looking to collaborate on an interview, piece of content or other exciting stuff.
  • You are a licensed producer located in Canada or US and would like us to write about your business.
  • You are a part of the cannabis industry and would like to discuss an upcoming project.
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