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The Dangers of Moldy Weed: Is Your Stash Compromised?

Molds are a vast subcategory of fungus, distinctly different from yeasts. Molds reproduce by producing asexual spores, and these microscoping spores enter our bodies all the time. Miniscule amounts of most types of mold spores...

How to Overcome a Weed Hangover

Weed hangovers are somewhat peculiar, because the majority of cannabis users don’t seem to experience them at all. But no, we didn’t make them up. Though not as many, there are people who frequently have...

Why Does Weed Make You Feel So Hungry?

The infamous munchies are a result of several separate mechanisms that band together in unison to invoke cannabis-induced famine. One of these mechanisms is responsible for making everything smell tastier, another makes us crave candy...

Weed Confidential: Using Cannabis in Stealth Mode

We are strange creatures – sometimes we get great kicks from keeping a secret. Knowing something other people don’t exudes a very particular feeling of both nervousness (fear of getting caught) and adventure. Now, when...
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