How to Make CBD Gummies with CBD Oil and CBD Isolate (Step by Step)

As people are getting more intrigued by the beneficial properties of CBD, companies are getting more creative with their CBD products. Edibles infused with this cannabinoid are particularly popular, yet there’s one type of edible that’s ruling them all – CBD gummies.

CBD gummies seem to be all the craze among users of the increasingly popular cannabinoid, CBD.

Seeing how CBD was legalized a few months ago in the US, it’s no wonder why people are freaking out about the prospect of consuming it as freely as you would a gummy bear.

The medical properties of CBD are just coming to light and are documented to some extent. Yet, people have sworn left and right that CBD has helped them cure everything from cancer to blindness, but such claims are hard to confirm.

Luckily, with CBD legalization, more scientific studies and testing are underway to confirm which conditions can actually be managed with CBD.

Most people here probably know by now that CBD doesn’t have a psychoactive effect on the brain, meaning that if consumed, it won’t give you the sensation of being high.

So having some CBD in your gummies can be a good solution to treating your ailments without the high, which is perfect if you don’t want the added trip.

CBD gummies won’t be a cure for cancer, but, hey, who would use gummy bears to get rid of cancer anyway?

Many people agree that CBD is best used in cases of inflammation, especially acute cases. So, if you have problems with some type of inflammation, just chew on a few gummies!

The CBD recipe we’re going to be sharing with you is mostly meant for those users who love gummy bears with a twist, and who wish to surprise their guests with a batch of these awesome treats.

How to make CBD gummies?

Making CBD gummies isn’t much different than making regular gummies, except that you have to watch out for the amount of CBD you’re putting into the mix.

Whether you decide to use CBD oil or CBD isolate, it’s all the same in the end. You’ll probably choose either one or the other based on what is available to you at the moment, so we’ll leave a recipe for both.

Here are all the tools and ingredients that you will need to make these gummies:

  • A gummy mold
  • Half a cup of Jello, or 65 g of gelatin
  • CBD oil or isolate
  • A little bit of food dye
  • 1 Teaspoon of sugar or honey
  • Blueberry juice

How to make CBD gummies with CBD oil

I made edible gummies a couple of times and every time I tried making them with oil, I had issues. Given their different viscosity levels, oils and other ingredients in this recipe won’t mix too well.

Oil is much thicker than blueberry juice, which means it will float on top of the juice and there will be a lot of separation between the oil and the gummies, which will be noticeable.

You can avoid that separation by using a thicker type of juice, such as peach juice.


  1. Mix the blueberry juice, honey, food dye, and jello
  2. Fill the molds halfway with the mix
  3. Put 3 drops of CBD oil in each of the molds
  4. Refrigerate for 20 minutes
  5. Add 3 more drops of CBD oil and top up the molds with the mix
  6. Put them back for another 20-30 minutes and they’ll be done

Now, this recipe is a little bit tricky because you have to act fast and quickly pour the oil and mix the second time you’re filling the molds. If you use this method, though, there won’t be as much separation between the oil and the mix.

However, if you’re a perfectionist and you’d like your gummies to be impeccable, then I strongly suggest you go out of your way and get yourself some CBD isolate. It is much easier to make gummies with the dusty mix than with drops of oil.

How to make CBD gummies with CBD isolate

Making them with isolate is much easier since you don’t have to pour the mix into the mold multiple times, and you don’t have to separately add in the CBD oil on two different occasions.


  1. Mix the CBD isolate, sugar, and jello in a bowl
  2. Add food dye and blueberry juice, and mix everything together
  3. Pour the mix into a mold
  4. Refrigerate for 45-60 minutes

As you can see, the process is pretty similar; the only difference in the process is the change in starting ingredients.

How to dose CBD gummies?

The FDA hasn’t issued a Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for cannabidiol. The only recommendations come from brands that produce and sell CBD oil, and their estimations can range from 15 mg to 50 mg.

It is important to know that one cannot overdose on CBD, but if you do take too much, it’s quite possible you will feel some side effects, such as a mild stomach ache. 

How many CBD gummies should you eat?

That’s totally up to you, but I wouldn’t recommend more than a few gummies per day. One study had 214 kids with treatment-resistant epilepsy take huge doses of CBD oil, in the hundreds of milligrams, some of them consumed even up to 500 mg to 1000 mg every day for a year.

And guess what? Even those kids were fine. Yeah, in the long term, they showed no side effects from taking such large doses of CBD. In fact, the study found that the kids’ seizures were reduced by a third because of them.

Even though I’m guessing you might not be curing epilepsy with gummy bears, this study is a great indication of the lack of side effects from huge doses of CBD – meaning you should be able to eat even more than a dozen in a sitting and still feel no side effects.

Where to buy CBD gummies?

Seeing how CBD gummies are a relatively new product on the market, there isn’t one place we could recommend to everyone around the world, such as Amazon or similar.

We believe that it’s in your best interest to make CBD gummies by yourself, as it allows you to have the most control over what you put in them and how much CBD you take.

Since the Farm Bill was passed, hemp-made CBD was made legal and you can expect it to show up in stores near you in a matter of days. CBD gummies will be offered in retail stores, just look between the health and candy sections.

As far as buying online goes, I’d stay away from any stores you’ve never ordered from before, and simply go to the nearest shop and buy a pack. If you’re restricted to your home, though, Amazon does offer a couple of different brands of CBD gummies that might be worth looking into.

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  1. Newbie here – Im confused about the “CBD” oil. I assume we are talking about pure CBD oil and not one in a carrier oil. Any suggestions on how to use CBD oil that is made in a carrier type oil.


  2. Thank you for the recipe. I guess it’s much easier to make gummies with CBD isolate powder since you wrote that using CBD oil might cause some separation between the oil and the gummies.

  3. How much CBD isolate do I use? I have a .18 oz of 5 Grams but I’m unsure if I use the entire container or half of it or what since you didn’t specify ???


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