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Can You Donate Blood if You Smoke Weed?

Did you know millions of Canadians and Americans need a blood transfusion each year? That amounts to someone needing blood every 2 seconds. A standard donation is about 450 ml, or 1/10 of the total...

What Are The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana?

If ever a subject was considered controversial, it has to be the legalization, potential benefits and dangers of the use (and some would say abuse) of medical marijuana. As marijuana legalization keeps garnering further attention,...

Adderall and Weed: Everything You Need to Know

Before we get into the effects of adderall and weed combined, we should first get acquainted with the colorful history of Adderall. Unlike cannabis and hemp which have been around for a long time and...

Marijuana and Anemia: What You Need to Know

Anemia affects about a third of the global population. It’s the most common blood disorder with iron deficiency being the number one cause. Anemia is more common in women than men, while pregnant women, children...

The History of Medical Marijuana

Most ancient cultures have realized and documented cannabis’ therapeutic applications, allowing us to trace a 6,000-year-old history of medical marijuana. For instance, did you know that Pen Ts’ao Ching, the world’s oldest pharmacopeia (2,700 B.C.),...
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