3 best Canadian cannabis clinics for getting a medical card

Best Canadian cannabis clinics

These are the 3 best Canadian cannabis clinics that can help you streamline access to your medical cannabis card.

We’ve entered September, and by now almost everyone knows that Canada has put laws in motion to start the sales of recreational cannabis.

Even though Canada has a significant medical cannabis presence (for over a decade), in the last couple of years the number of registered medical patients has been on the rise.

Currently, there are over 300,000 medical cannabis patients, and Health Canada estimates this number will grow to over 400,000, very soon.

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Source: Canabo Medical Cannabis Clinics

Seeing how the announced prices of recreational cannabis are fairly lower than those of medical cannabis, many people question why would a medical cannabis patient go through the complicated process of acquiring a medical card, instead of just purchasing pot legally after October 17.

The truth is, many medical cannabis patients are not aware that they can claim medical expenses on tax returns, which would amount to pretty much the same, if not cheaper than buying recreational marijuana.

Also, there are other perks of buying medical cannabis, such as having it delivered to your doorstep without having the risks of going out and getting it at a dispensary, or ordering from a shady online store.

I wanted to see which cannabis clinics in Canada are still operating and which are trustworthy.

Here are the 3 best Canadian cannabis clinics that will guarantee that you have an easy time getting a medical cannabis card and streamline your way to buying your first medical cannabis product.

Canadian Cannabis Clinics (CCC)

Canadian Cannabis Clinics (CCC) is a group of doctors who’ve joined forces in an effort to create the best network of medical cannabis clinics in Canada.

They also collaborate with academic researchers to advance the state of science in which medical cannabis can thrive and be accepted by the general population.

Canadian Cannabis Clinics continually educate patients, physicians and the general public about the effective use of medical cannabis, and by doing so, spread awareness of the issues that cannabis can heal as well.

Their online platform is well suited for those who aren’t adept at using tech as much as for those that can’t spend a minute without their phones in their hand.

With 200 clinics in more than 30 cities across Canada, they are more than well adapted to service members who aren’t thrilled with the thought of registering online and, according to the public opinion, the medical staff in these clinics is very professional.


Aleafia is another powerhouse in the world of medical cannabis clinics. It has a presence on both the East and West coast.

Even though Aleafia has “only” 22 cannabis clinics across the map, it does beat CCC in one aspect—most of the CCC locations are in Ontario and BC, with the exception of a couple in Alberta.

Aleafia has an on-the-ground presence in St.John’s, NL as well as Sackville, NB and Halifax, NS which means that they have a clinic in each of the three provinces, while CCC have none in those.

Aside from that, they also have an inspiring online platform which makes it easy to schedule your own appointments and do all the paperwork up front.

Aleafia acquired Canabo some time ago, which is another medical cannabis clinic that was providing the same services to their own clients, and by doing so significantly increased their presence as well as the number of patients.

Apollo Cannabis Clinics

If you are on the move a lot and you need to be in contact with the clinic which has the widest coverage, then you should go for the Apollo Cannabis Clinics.

Apollo Cannabis Clinics are physically present only in Ontario, although they do offer secure video consultation so that you can see them from the comfort of your home.

You won’t need any recommendations or referrals for this clinic as you can always come self-referred, and their services are 100% FREE, no matter where you are.

Just like the other two groups, Apollo Cannabis Clinics have a website which makes access to doctors and paperwork very easy.

This is by far the smallest group of clinics when it comes to the number of patients, as Apollo Cannabis has so far served only just over 12.000 patients since their start in 2015.

What are the best Canadian cannabis clinics in your opinion?

Are you a medical cannabis user? Do you already have a medical cannabis card? How long do you have it? Which cannabis clinic did you get it in?

Tell us in the comments down below your experiences with medical cannabis clinics and how do you feel using medical cannabis has had an effect on your life.

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