Cannabis laws in Canada: The complete province-by-province guide

Cannabis laws in Quebec

Quebec approached this legalization in a way that was very confusing at first, but after looking at it for a minute you realize that the whole system is set up so that the province makes the most money out of this legalization.

Quebec will also have online sales similarly to BC, Alberta and other provinces we covered so far (except for Ontario), but with a twist. Seeing how all the provinces which plan on selling cannabis online will have a private model, the twist here is that the government will control all sales in the provinces — both online and on the ground.

Lower age, higher possession limit, both online and on the ground sales, and most importantly growing at home won’t be allowed — this is optimizing an industry through laws at its finest.

Retail model:Retail stores and online sales will be controlled by the Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC).
Number of retail stores:20 stores at first, market to determine the number of stores going forward.
Distribution and wholesale:Controlled by the provincial government.
Home cultivation:Not allowed.
Public consumption:Law will restrict smoking marijuana to places where smoking cigarettes is legal. Consumption on school and university campuses is forbidden.

Cannabis laws in Newfoundland and Labrador

The most eastern province in the country is mostly in line with the federal rules.

However, the cannabis system being implemented in Newfoundland and Labrador does have one interesting change when compared to other systems.

Sales will be done through private stores making a profit only on commission, and they will be controlled by the provincial government.

Retail model:The sale of cannabis will be done through private retailers licensed by the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation. Online sales controlled by the government.
Number of retail stores:24 applicants so far.
Distribution and wholesale:Will be controlled by the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation (NLC).
Home cultivation:4 plants per household.
Public consumption:Public consumption will be restricted to private residences only.

Cannabis laws in New Brunswick

Aside from siding with the federal government on each and everything related to the cannabis system being implemented, the NB government also added a special clause of their own.

The special clause includes restriction of smoking cannabis in the vicinity of schools as users will have to stay at least 300 meters away from the educational institutions.

Retail model:Government-run specialized stores on the ground. Online sales of recreational cannabis in New Brunswick will be controlled by the government as well.
Number of retail locations:20 government-run locations.
Distribution and wholesale:Will be run by the Cannabis Management Corporation.
Home cultivationLUp to 4 plants per household inside a separate, locked space. Outdoor growing allowed in locked enclosures at least 1.52m high.
Public consumptionOnly on private property and in private residences with the consent of occupant or owner.

Cannabis laws in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia didn’t drift too far from the “classic government model” with online sales, and every other aspect controlled by the provincial government.

In fact, the model being implemented in Nova Scotia is very similar to the one being set up in Prince Edwards Island. Seeing how they are neighboring, it is not really a surprise.

This system is fairly liberal as it allows for both online and on-the-ground stores, as well as home growing  4 non-medical cannabis plants.

The only thing left unsaid about the cannabis system in Nova Scotia is the public consumption laws, which are yet to be determined.

Retail model:Retail stores and online sales will be controlled by the Nova Scotia government
Number of retail locations:12 locations so far. Possible co-location with existing liquor stores, but in a separate area.
Distribution and wholesale:Will be done through Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.
Home cultivation:Up to 4 plants per household inside. Landlords will have the power to restrict home growing.
Public consumption:No smoking or vaping in restricted places, according to the Smoke-free Places Act.

Cannabis laws in Prince Edward Island

The cannabis laws in Prince Edward Island are very fair when compared to other more restrictive systems being implemented in, let’s say Quebec or Manitoba.

The only major difference in PEI’s cannabis plan is that they will be the second province to allow consumption and access to those aged 18 and over, instead of 19 and over.

Retail model:Retail stores and online sales will be controlled by the PEI government.
Number of retail locations:There will be 4 stores for the whole provinces (Charlottetown, Summerside, Montague, and West Prince will each have one location).
Distribution and wholesale:Controlled by PEI Cannabis.
Home cultivation:Up to 4 plants per household indoors, but must be inaccessible to kids, and with landlord’s approval.
Public consumption:Only on private property and in private residences. Possible designed spaces in the future.


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  1. I have a greenhouse and want to help people with medical needs who can not afford cannabis ,,, if I clone the plants , is there a limit of how many I can have … is there a height restriction ( of the plant ) that would exceed from the 4 plants , that each household is restricted too.


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