The Ultimate Guide to Glass Water Bongs

What is a glass water bong

Lately, the usage of glass water bongs have increased ever since people realized the benefits and advantages that it brings to those who use the device. So, many smokers have started to realize that by smoking cannabis through using a glass water pipe – same as a glass water bong – allows them to get the most of the taste out of the herbs. 

The increase in the demand has driven companies to introduce different types and sizes of bongs; however, even though the availability of numerous shapes and sizes have no effect on the user experience, it is crucial to note that each one provides a specific benefit to a smoker. So, it is important to mention that glass bongs are considered to be the most used type of bong in the smoking community since the benefits it provides compared to other types outweigh the costs. 

Glass pipes were introduced after bongs became a trend in the smoking community. Smokers have observed a huge improvement in getting the exact flavor of the herb by using glass pipes, as well as having an easy-to-clean smoking method. However, even though there are substitute products that provide similar benefits such as the Ooze vape pens and batteries, the overall process of setting up a bong to smoke enhances the smoker’s experience and makes it a more preferred type of smoking device. 

Advantages of using a glass water bong

As mentioned beforehand, using a glass water bong provides people with numerous benefits. One of the benefits and advantages of using a glass water bong is that it allows smokers to enjoy the bong preparation process as well as the smoking experience. In other words, in order to be able to smoke with a bong, people are required to grind the herbs needed to be stored in the bowl piece, fill the water chamber with water, and burn the cannabis and herbs by using a lighter. 

Additionally, using a glass water bong provides people with cooler and more filtered hits. Since the water chamber is being filled with water and the smoke of the burning herbs are circulating inside that part, the water filters and cools the smoke, allowing people to enjoy better smoking hits. 

On the other hand, using the glass type of a bong provides people with an easy cleaning method which increases customer satisfaction. To further elaborate, it is recommended that smokers should wash the bong after they are done using it, since the closed space of the bong increases the chances of toxic residue to build up from the inside, which can cause harm to people’s health. So, when people use a glass bong, the overall cleaning process is considered to be much easier compared to other types. 

Thus, when trying to decide which type of bong you should purchase for your next hit, it is important to research and find out which one can be the most beneficial for you. 

A guide to using a glass water bong:

1- Different parts of a water bong and how each one is used

Different types of glass water bongs are composed of different compartments. However, there are some unique parts that every bong should have in order to make the smoking process through a bong effective. 

For instance, a water chamber in a bong is necessary to provide filtration and cool smoking hits.  The bowl piece is where the grounded herbs are stored. On the other hand, a mouthpiece is used to inhale the burnt smoke of the herbs. If a bong is missing one of these parts, then it will not operate effectively; thus, be sure to check before making your purchase. 

2- Importance of setting up each part correctly

As smokers take part in the preparation process before smoking through a bong, some people do not get all of the benefits that come with smoking the bong because of not knowing how to properly move forward with each process in the preparation step. 

The most common way to understand how to accurately and correctly use each part is by reading the instruction manual that comes with the bong. Following the instructions provided by the bong provider will ensure that each step is being done correctly  – since these steps cannot be generalized for every brand of bong. 

3- Have all of the cleaning supplies ready

Finally, to avoid the build up of residue inside the bong which can be so hard to clean, it is important to know how to clean the bong after each use. To ensure that this step is not missed, be sure to have all of the cleaning materials ready in bulk at your expense. 


To conclude, using glass bongs are considered to be one of the most commonly used smoking methods in the smoking community; hence, if you wish to start your bong smoking journey, be sure to follow the instructions and understand how to set up the bong.

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