Why Is My Cart Not Hitting but Has Airflow

Do you ever find yourself frustrated when your vape cartridge has airflow but produces no vapor?  This can be a common issue, but fear not!  This guide will help you troubleshoot the problem and get your vape back on track.  We’ll explore several potential culprits, from clogged cartridges to low battery life, and provide solutions for each.

Reasons Why Your Cart Has Airflow but Isn’t Producing Vapor

  • Clogged cartridge:

When your vape cartridge has airflow but isn’t producing vapor, the first step is to check for clogs. Even if there’s airflow, the cartridge could still be blocked. A lack of vapor, especially with a harsh taste, might indicate a clog or insufficient oil in the wick. To address this, gently warm the cartridge by holding it or using warm water to encourage oil absorption. If bubbles start rising from the wick openings, it’s working.

  • Low battery:

If your battery is dead or not charged enough, it won’t provide the necessary heat to vaporize the oil.

  • Connection problems:

The connection between the cartridge and the battery might be loose or dirty, preventing proper heating.

  • Thick oil:

In cold weather, some vape oils can thicken up and become harder to vaporize.

  • Burnt coil:

If the coil in your cartridge gets burnt out, it won’t heat the oil effectively.

  • Test with Another Cartridge

If warming doesn’t solve the issue, switch cartridges to determine if the problem lies with the cartridge or the vape pen. If the second cartridge works, the initial one likely needs attention. If neither cartridge works, focus on the vape pen.

  • Troubleshoot Your Vape Pen

Ensure your vape pen is fully charged and activated. Clean dirty threading with a slightly dampened alcohol swab. If you need further assistance, find out how to fix a non-functional vape pen here.

  • Check Oil Levels

Double-check if the cartridge still contains oil. If empty, it won’t produce vapor. For disposable cartridges, refilling isn’t an option, but you can try tilting it to saturate the wick with remaining oil.

  • Allow Wick Saturation Time

For newly filled cartridges, wait about thirty minutes to allow the wick to absorb the oil fully, particularly with ceramic coils.

  • Inspect the Center Pin

If all else fails, the cartridge may not establish a good electrical connection with the vape pen due to a misaligned center pin. Gently adjust it with needle-nose pliers to ensure contact.

How to Fix the Problem

  • Check for clogs: You can carefully try sucking air through the mouthpiece without the battery attached. If airflow is restricted, there might be a clog. Some carts have a mouthpiece that can be disassembled for cleaning. Look up specific cleaning instructions for your cartridge model.
  • Charge your battery: Make sure your battery is fully charged and try again. If your battery is dead, you can click here to buy a new cart battery.
  • Tighten the connection: Ensure the cartridge is screwed into the battery securely. You can also clean the connection points with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol (when the battery is off).
  • Adjust temperature settings: If your vape pen has adjustable temperature settings, try turning it up a bit. But be careful not to burn the oil.
  • Try a different cartridge: If none of the above works, see if a different cartridge works with your battery. This will help you identify if the problem lies with the cartridge or the battery.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to identify the reason your cart isn’t hitting and get back to enjoying your vape.  If none of these solutions work, it might be time to replace the cartridge.  However, with a little effort, you can usually get your vape functioning properly again.

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