Willie Nelson launches CBD line of products designed for pets


Country music star Willie Nelson is expanding his line of hemp products to cater to pets with a new line of specialized CBD products for dogs, cats and horses. 

The longtime pot advocate already has a cannabis company that sells many different products from pre-rolled joints to edibles, but now Nelson and his wife Annie are releasing a range tailored specifically for pets. 

Willie’s Rescue, which debuted this weekend in Las Vegas, features a line-up of hemp products for internal and external use in dogs, cats, and horses designed to “positively impact the lives of companion animals,” according to Vice President of Brands at GCH, which owns Nelson’s company. 

“As longtime animal advocates and pet owners, our family believes that the hemp plant has benefited our own animals. We want you and your best friends to experience the potential benefits of hemp. That’s why we created Willie’s Rescue and are donating a portion of each sale to help find loving homes for animals in need,” Willie and Annie said in a statement. 

The company also added that veteran experts in pet care worked on the development of the products, expected to be launched in early 2020. Cannabis oils are used to treat stress, nausea, and anxiety in dogs, although there is some disagreement among veterinarians whether it’s safe for our furry friends. 

In spite of this, Willie’s Rescue noted that pet and animal CBD products are a rapidly growing industry predicted to reach a value of $125 million by 2022. A portion of the sales of Willie’s Rescue products will be donated to animal welfare organizations in the country. 

Aside from Willie’s Reserve – Nelson’s cannabis business, the Texas music legend owns a brand of hemp CBD products – Willie’s Remedy. The company introduced a CBD-infused whole-bean coffee earlier this year, followed by a hemp oil tincture and is slated to release other products in the coming months. 

“Hemp production in America was stifled for so long, but it could now make all the difference for small independent farmers. Hemp isn’t just good for our farmers and our economy, it’s good for our soil, our environment – and our health,” Nelson said when the brand was launched, highlighting once again the singer’s unwavering support for American farmers and preserving nature.

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