The Ultimate Rundown of 35 Best Stoner Movies and TV Shows

Best stoner movies

Getting high and watching movies is one of the most relaxing things I can imagine doing after work.

My evenings start with walking the dog after I come in from the office, grabbing dinner and some snacks and then spending around 45 minutes on determining what type of movie I wanna watch, and an additional 15 on finding the one virus-free torrent on the whole damn Internet.

Given that I finish work and come home around 8pm, that doesn’t leave much time for me to watch a whole Lord of The Rings movie or something similar. No, unfortunately I have to stick with short movies, otherwise I pass out or just get bored if the movie doesn’t hold my attention.

But first, what defines a good stoner movie or TV show?

Personally, I like my movies and shows to have a lot of complicated scenes that leave you dumbfounded. Movies that leave you like:


Bruh? BRUHHHH!!!!

The way I’ll be deciding which movies to recommend is by:

  1. How much I liked the pictures and actors
  2. Amount of most memorable scenes and plot twists
  3. If I would watch them again without being high

Also, if they are educational in some way, they will most likely get an automatic seed to my bracket.

To clarify, this won’t be a list of the best movies in which weed is mentioned or smoked in the movies. Some of the movies and TV shows won’t even have anything to do with weed. You won’t see Cheech and Chong on this list, and if you think Pineapple Express is one of the best movies ever you might want to rethink your choices.

All of these movies and TV shows can be found for free online if you are ready to risk the FBI knocking on your door for that crime you make when you “illegally” download movies by torrenting them or using some other method, by all means try finding them for free if you wish.

Just to make things clean, we condemn pirating and strongly suggest you stick to the legal ways of procuring movies and TV shows.

No pirating

Best Stoner Movies

This list will contain mostly movies I’ve seen in the past few years or so, along with some all time undisputed champions of theaters and big screens.

Life (2017)

Life is the newest movie you will find on this list. It is very trippy and holds attention very well. The plot is well developed, CGI is on point and you actually get to see a new type of alien that isn’t just looking to kill for fun or food, but rather survival. Watched it high, rewatched it straight and let me tell you, it was freaking worth it.

Hotel Rwanda (2004)

If you want to watch a deeply moving movie which will broaden your knowledge base and teach you of unspoken genocides and war crimes that went on in the Central African country — Rwanda. The plot is developing around Paul Rusesabagina, a Hutu hotel manager who is trying his best to soften the atrocities of war by offering shelter to his family and friends and a bunch of Tutsi refugees.

Doctor Strange (2016)

This movie is not particularly educational or emotion evoking, but it will most definitely give you the chills. If you are a comic book geek as I am, you probably love all DC and Marvel movies. Benedict Cumberbatch really showed that he can be more than just Sherlock Holmes in this epic battle between magic wielding humans and the God of Destruction, Dormammu.

Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter Island is so mind boggling and perplexing that I watched it twice straight, and then once high as well. Never really understood what’s going on, except that Leo is crazy and investigating the disappearance of a female killer who escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane. Several really good plot twists and one of the best Leonardo Dicaprio movies, until the next one.

Inception (2010)

You like plot twists, bending rules of physics and implanting ideas into people’s heads through dreams?

Then you are gonna love Inception. Most people saw inception, I saw it a few times both high and straight, and every time people bring it up I’m down to watch it again. Dicaprio didn’t get an Oscar for this, but the movie earned 4 which was the most that year.

The Hidden Face – La Cara Oculta (2012)

I usually don’t like any movies other than Hollywood productions. This is one of those movies that as soon as you start watching it you figure out what is the plot twist in the end. I hate movies like that. But, this one rises above the flood of similar movies because it keeps you edged throughout the whole movie. You know the ending, you just want to see how brutal it is.

The Game (1997)

Do you like playing games which might end with everything you know in your life turning on its head? You can expect nothing less from this 1997 legendary movie that set apart thrillers from action movies in a way nobody else thought could be feasible. Forget all things you had on you plan and watch The Game if you haven’t so far.

Avatar (2009)

A champion of the box-offices, Avatar was a revolutionary movie when it came to the CGI that was implemented. No other movie gave me such chills while watching. The movie revolves around the fact that Earthlings are invading a foreign planet for its resources and destroying everything on its path. Sound familiar?

The Usual Suspects (1995)

The Usual Suspects is a movie depicting the fate of 5 common thieves getting arrested for a crime that apparently none of them committed. As they leave the police station, the plot thickens and these five thieves go on a crime adventure, with most of them not even knowing what sits at the end of that rainbow. If you are a fan of criminals that become geniuses at the turn of a switch, make sure you pay close attention to the end of the movie.

Blades of Glory (2007)

Ever thought you’d really be into men’s figure skating? Neither did I, but after watching Blades of Glory I sat through an entire Couples Figure Skating show in 2013 in London. With several great “girly fights” and an epic “My humps” reference, this is a must watch for all stoners. Even Kanye gave it a shoutout in his “Ni**as in Paris” video.

Step Brothers (2008)

Lets keep it going with Will Ferrell. Step brothers is a hilarious comedy that will have you peeing yourself. Two 40ish years old step brothers (Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly) are forced to live under one roof once their married decide to start living together. They go through hell and back, only to end up loving each other enough to crash a yacht and much more.

Limitless (2011)

Imagine taking a pill and instantly becoming the smartest man in the universe, but the comedown is so hard that you might die after ingesting it for the first time, would you do it? The plot of the movie revolves around this idea. Brandon Cooper comes again to save the day, making Limitless and absolute must-watch for all those that ever wondered what would it be to become Einstein for a day.

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

Another very educative movie about the problems happening on the East, or India to be more exact on this occasion. A teen runagate goes on to win it all in a TV quiz show, becoming filthy rich. The plot twist is in the tiny details and ways he knew the answer to every question he was asked on the quiz. The answers stemmed from traumatizing life of crime and forced begging on the streets of New Delhi, which make this movie and the our main actor even more impressive.

Bridge of Spies (2015)

If you are a fan of history and especially cold war history, this is a must watch. Not only will you fully understand the depth at which US-USSR relations went to, but also how close was everyone to getting arrested for being a spy at that time, not to mention nuclear winter and end of all life. The plot revolves around an exchange of a Russian spy and an American Air Force captain in Berlin in the middle of the Cold war.

The Big Short (2015)

Since I’m also a bit of a financial freak (I love money…) watching The Big Short was a piece of cake for me. I think I might be one of the very few people that understood every word of that movie. Any way, if you want to learn more about the housing market crash in 2007, stocks, bank and depths of their corruption and frauds, you should definitely watch this one. Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Steve Carell and many other famous actors have a part in this movie so you know it’s a star studded line up.

Whiplash (2014)

The one thing I learned from Whiplash is that persistence pays off. If anyone tries harassing or bullying you the way J.K. Simmons did his students, you should beat them at their game in front of everyone. Also, if you get slapped around at gig tryouts by your teacher or whatever, make sure you call the cops on him.

Theory of Everything (2014)

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m a total nutjob when it comes to science, and watching a movie describing Stephen Hawking’s life from it’s early days, through its best and worst, and up until the modern days in the 21st century. This love story focused around the young genius will show you how hard life was for him, due to the fact that as he was slowly losing control of his body at the same time while he was building a name for himself in the science community.

21 and 22 Jump street (2012 and 2014)

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum go undercover to break up a drug op in a nearby school. First part is centered around a high school, while the second is in college. These two crack up the audience with hilarious jokes, ridiculous scenes with their superiors and of course, they do start tripping balls on one or two occasions in the movies. If you are not really into comedy, but you’re a devoted Christian, you’ll be happy to know that you can pray to several Jesus’s, including the Korean one.

The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix is another movie that almost everyone has heard of, probably 90% of people that own a TV have seen it so far, and just like most people I can watch and rewatch this one any day of the year. The first Matrix movie was so much deeper and more complex than its sequels that I barely even consider the other 2 films to be noteworthy to this masterpiece. The Matrix has so much philosophy and metaphysics in its script that you could actually see the book ”Simulacra and Simulation” appear in one of the scenes.

Looper (2012)

We will be rounding up the list of best stoner movies with an action movie. Looper is based around the fact that in a future which allows time travel, the mob eliminates people they find undesirable by sending assassins back to the past to kill them before they even know the mob doesn’t like them. The main actor who is one of the time travelling mobster assassins finds himself to be on the opposite end of the barrel when the mob from an even further future hires him to kill an even older version of himself. I probably didn’t explain that in the best way possible so you might wanna look at this trailer:

Best Stoner TV Shows

I really love both regular and animated TV shows (cartoons) so I decided to make a little split between. First I’ll list some of the must see TV shows and then the best cartoons you can find out there.

Game of Thrones

I am one of those people that haven’t seen Game of Thrones until season 6 was already aired all episodes. My friends couldn’t stop talking about it, the Internet was overloaded with pics and videos, so I decided to take it up and watch all 6 seasons before season 7 airs.

Three Weeks later I watched all 6 seasons and I was hooked. It’s bloody, it’s brutal, it is addictive and season 7 is airing as we speak. The community is like that as well, so between seasons and episodes you will have the chance to watch thousands of theories and explanation videos on Youtube.

The Flash

I already said before that I’m a geek when it comes to Marvel and DC comics, so watching this show is a real treat for me. The flash shows the life and struggles of young Barry Allen who got his superpowers in the early twenties and now fights crime and other superhuman villains on the streets of Central City. Season 4 is about to air any week now so if you want to catch up there are 3 season with 20ish episodes each, and I suggest you avoid comic book related Youtube channels as they often spoil episodes and videos.


Elementary is a TV show about Sherlock Holmes living in 21st century United States. He is fighting a constant battle against cocaine addiction, and his trusted assistant Dr. Joan Watson. Yes, Watson is a girl in this version of Sherlock Holmes. The two go on to solve mysteries in a manner characteristic only to Sherlock and Watson, with the help of local police officers and federal service such as the FBI.


Sherlock Holmes, but the Benedict Cumberbatch version. And every season has only 3 episodes and one special was made between the third and fourth season. BC killed it with his perfect impersonification of Sherlock Holmes so much that the show actually launched an App related to it. I recommend watching this one over Elementary since the episodes are much longer, Cumberbatch is without a doubt the better Sherlock, and I like Watson being a man better because I like to keep it OG.

House M.D.

8 seasons of the absolute best sarcasm and ironic comments coming from one of the most brilliant fictional doctors in the world. House is the epitome of a brilliant mind battling inner problems, and failing to understand and reproduce certain affections such as love, friendship, sadness and similar emotions. Follow him in his epic discoveries and solutions to some of the most complex medical cases ever to be shown on TV.


Heroes revolves around a bunch of people that got a very specific set of abilities during a Solar eclipse that happens in the first episode. Many characters have amazing powers they try using in order to prevent the upcoming end of the world, or so they think. The show was canceled after the third season, and last year their production house made “Heroes: Reborn” which was an absolute waste of money for them and a waste of time for me. But the original show is awesome and you should give it a shot.


Blackadder is an old British TV show depicting Rowan Atkinson as the anti-hero Edmund Blackadder, and Tony Robinson as Blackadder’s dogsbody, Baldrick. The two plot their ways in order to overthrow whoever is their current ruler or superior. This show has 4 season which are all placed in different places and times. Each season has 6 episodes and there are 3 specials that are sure to make you LYAO (laugh your assess off).


This show is a spinoff of the movie Limitless, except there is a lot less Brandon Cooper and his movie genius. In the show he’s more of a bad guy that in the movie, but still a very important character even though he doesn’t get a lot of screen time. The main actor goes on to find new implementations for the smart drug and solve cases that normal people would give up in a matter of days.

The Following

Someone once asked me what is the best crime show I’ve seen, and I immediately answered them The Following. The Following is based around agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) going after serial killers in a very serial-killer-like manner for 3 seasons before the show got canceled. The plot thickens with every episode, making the viewers more antsy and anxious for the characters and happenings in the show.

Silicon Valley

OK this one is a stoner show in the true sense of the word. Hilarious scenes that touched the hearts of many stoners hooked on following this group. They live together in a Bay Area startup incubator loosely run by self-satisfied new money millionaire Erlich, who lets them stay in his house rent-free in exchange for a stake in the projects they invent there.

Best Cartoons

Cartoons have always been my thing. I watched Cartoon Network since I was like 3 years old and I found it that cartoons are my passion. I even tried drawing a cartoon one or two times, but failed miserably. Anyway, here’s a list of the best cartoons I’ve seen lately. Hold on tight for #1…

Rick and Morty

If you haven’t heard of Rick and Morty so far I really don’t know what you are doing with your lives, except the possibility of having 3 full time jobs at the same time. Rick & Morty have became a fan favorite over the course of only few episodes, as their critique of the society, their unparalleled ability to make dozens of unique character with very specific personal traits and the darkest jokes ever make this show the best sci-fi cartoon ever created.

Family Guy

Family guy has been a hit in the US and around the world for nearly 20 years. There isn’t much really to be said as the screenwriters of Family Guy say it all in every episode with their constructive criticism and unparalleled sketches that sometimes go longer than you think they should be going. That is exactly the reason why Family Guy writers are known for thinking outside of the box. Watching Family Guy high as hell is as easy as making techno music…


Brickleberry is a relatively new show which has only 3 seasons so far. Peter Tosh is one of the main stars of the show, so you know you are in for a good comedy. The show happens in a national park which is guarded by only few rangers, one of which is a bear cub. Things get really sketchy from one episode to another as they are trying to save the park with a lack of funding and people interested in saving national parks.

Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is about the struggle of a horse living in a man’s world, with all human traits and emotions, a human job, human friends, and so on. You can imagine how hard that would be? Well, not really when you are a famous retired actor with a house up on the Hills and millions in the bank. Or so we thought. Either way you should give Bojack Horseman a go since it was funded by Steven Cohen, so you know there was no saving money of this show.

South Park

Lastly, South Park. Every living American knows of this show, or at least like 90% of them. Since the show is already known worldwide for its famous depiction of Allah which got them in trouble.

So instead of just recommending South Park, here is a countdown of my top 5 episodes:

Season 13 Episode 5

Fishsticks is a South Park classic in which them make fun of none other than Kanye West, a fish loving rapper in love with fish sticks…

Season 10 Episode 7

Tsst shows us that one cannot simply control Cartman. Not even Cesar Millan.

Season 18 Episode 2

Gluten Free Ebola is where we learn gluten is deadly to humans.

Season 19 Episode 1

Stunning and Brave shows us you can be stunning and brave even as a tranny.

Season 17 Episodes 7 to 10

OK I’m cheating on this one, but, they are all connected as they are Game of Thrones/Black Friday related and they make fun of Kanye and Kim Kardashian again which is just priceless.

Give us something to watch

Since we don’t have too many smart things to do other than run this website and smoke weed, we spend like at least 30 hours per week watching movies, TV shows, cartoons and a little bit of theater every now and then.

If you have anything you’d like to recommend we should watch and smoke to, we’d be more than happy to hear you out and let you know what we thought of it!

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