6 Best Weed Apps for Different Needs and Types of Pot Users


The tech revolution is raging on, beating full force on the cannabis scene. Let’s learn more about some of its most inventive players.

Today everyone knows there’s no running a successful business without creating some sort of tech/digital presence as a way of reaching a wider audience than the local neighborhood. So, along with all types of products and services appearing in digital form, we’ve seen a real proliferation of weed apps in the past few years. 

A regular stoner may roll eyes at this fact. Really, how do you smoke weed digitally? But once you realize a simple tapping on the phone can increase plant yields, help you discover new, more potent strains or calculate the right dose of CBD for some condition you want to treat, it really becomes a no-brainer. Weed apps CAN make life easier for a cannabis user. 

When you realize how many aspects of weed life can be optimized with apps and advice from experts who participate in their creation, you’ll only have one additional question: how to choose which apps to use? 

The usual advice is to look for recommendations from trusted sources. 

Greencamp’s 6 Weed App Recommendations:

We chose six apps that were developed to help with six different purposes for using the cannabis plant. Let’s check them out.

1. Grow your own plant with Grow with Jane

Regardless of how many years of pot cultivation experience you have, you can still benefit from using Grow with Jane. It’s an app built by experts who wanted to do a good job both with the app’s visual aspect, and its technical features. Many of these features are really useful and obviously created by people who know what cannabis cultivation is all about.

So what does Grow with Jane offer to pot growers? First of all, it has in mind all sorts of users, veterans as well as pot grower wannabes. It takes the cultivator through all steps of the plant cultivation process, from germination to the flowering stage, by helping the user set up calendars, reminders, charts, and other tools that greatly increase the chances of successfully “raising” a plant. 

The first step of the process is to choose the type of environment for the plant – indoor, outdoor, type of lightning, etc. Next, the user sets up a calendar with all the activities that need to be done during different stages of the plant’s life cycle, and the user then receives reminders for each activity – from watering the plant, adding nutrients, adjusting the lighting, temperature, etc. 

The best part of the app, for many users, is its large pot grower community. Users can share photos of their plants and information about their progress with other knowledgeable users, and always get advice about how to proceed. 

Another very popular feature of Grow with Jane is the option of using the account anonymously and offline, though with limited features, such as exchanging information with members of the community. 

Download the app here:

App Store

Google Play

2. Calculate your CBD dose using Droppy*

Droppy is fresh out of the developer’s oven. It’s an answer to CBD users’ urgent need to finally find a reliable solution to accurate CBD dosing. Currently, the public can find almost everything on CBD online, from basic information about what this compound is, to details of the studies performed up to date about its medical potential. The only tricky part is finding out how to dose it properly.

Droppy is a carefully planned app that is, most importantly, accurate, and almost as importantly, easy to use. Users only need to input relevant information, such as their age, weight, symptoms and which CBD product they are using, and the app quickly calculates the proper dose for that person in milligrams. When you think it can’t get any simpler, the app also estimates the number of drops a user needs to take, if the calculated amount in milligrams seems too confusing. 

Apart from quickly calculating proper CBD dosage, the app offers other helpful features, such as setting up reminders to take the dose every day, keeping track of CBD product usage, optimizing the dose with the help of weekly and monthly usage reports, and learning more about CBD via Droppy’s featured articles on trending topics related to CBD research, use cases and innovations.

Droppy can be used for free, but there are premium options as well. 

Download the app here:

App Store

Google Play

3. Find the best pot via Weedmaps

Weedmaps is the veteran in the cannabis app world, leading the way since 2008. It’s an intricate network of information on all, or at least most, existing cannabis products, brands, recreational stores and medical dispensaries in the Americas, Europe and other countries where cannabis has been legalized

Users can search for cannabis sellers by location or store name. If searching by location, the app will show all the stores within a certain range, with all available information about each venue, from live menus from each store/dispensary for users to check out, to pricing, information on lab testing, etc. 

Weedmaps is the ultimate go-to place for anyone looking for cannabis/CBD sellers and information about their products. 

Download the app here:

App Store

Google Play

4. Find the right strain for your medical condition using PotBot

Medical marijuana users, here’s an app for you! PotBot uses medical research information to match users with the best strain for their medical condition. Each user inputs their unique features (age, symptoms, previous experience with cannabis, location, etc.) and the app searches for adequate strains in the legal area that’s closest to the user. 

Hence, PotBot creators really made an effort to personalize medical cannabis users’ experience with their app, which is really important when it comes to this particular reason for using the plant. 

Since the app includes over 750 different strains and consumption methods (tinctures, topicals, edibles, vaporizers), it’s very important for users to accurately input information about their condition in order to receive the best possible medical cannabis recommendation. 

PotBot creators make it a point to emphasize that their recommendations are unbiased and strictly based on medical research, which can save patients a lot of time (and nerves) that would otherwise be spent on searching the questionable information on the Internet.

Download the app here:

App Store

Google Play

5. Have fun growing pot in Bud Farm: Grass Roots, a weed growing simulation 

It’s game time! Bud Farm: Grass Roots is really for everyone, but especially those users who’d still rather play than invest time (and some money) into growing a real, physical plant. The virtual farm provides a simulated experience of planting the cannabis seed, watering, harvesting, trimming the plant, running a business of selling 15 different strains to stoners, hiring new workers and expanding the business into a bakery, mill, dairy etc. 

There’s certainly no lack of diversity in terms of different types of activities on the farm. Users may even acquire some management skills running the Bud Farm, or at least figure out whether any cannabis-related job (cultivator, seller, budtender, cook, manager) would interest them in real life. 

Download the app here:

App Store

Google Play

6. Meet someone using High There!

For many cannabis users, smoking (or any other way of consuming) weed is very much part of their core being, an interest or hobby more important than their job and other social activities. So, it’s understandable that the subject of whether or not a person uses weed and whether they have anything against it is probably the first item on a stoner’s checklist when looking for a romantic partner.

Hence, High There! 

It’s a very popular (let’s not say dating) social app and “community bazaar” that lets users network and connect around that one very important thing in life. 

Similarly to other (let’s not say dating) apps, High There! lets users check out existing members, send invites, accept or reject received invites, and chat with members of the community. No pressure, very chill – completely in line with what weed is all about. 

Download the app here:

App Store

Google Play

If you found any of these apps helpful, inspiring, annoying?, loads of fun, share your experiences in the comments below.

*Droppy and Greencamp are owned by the same company, Inc.

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