Voters in North Dakota To Decide on Marijuana Legalization This November (Ballot Approved)

Flag of North Dakota interpolating a ballot signing in relation to the November vote on legalizing Marijuana

Voters in North Dakota will finally get the chance to vote whether to legalize Marijuana this November, ballot was approved with sufficient valid petitions this Monday.

According to the Secretary of State (Al Jager) Office the campaign had provided sufficient valid petitions to put the measure before the vote.

According to the details of the initiative, all adults (21 and older) would be allowed to possess and buy up to an ounce of marijuana. Also there will be provisions that allow for personal use growth of up to three plants.

Back in 2016 voters in North Dakota also approved a medical cannabis measure and a similar measure to the one on the ballots in November was defeated in the full Senate in 2021.

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Luka Petkovic

Editor in chief at Greencamp. Researching topics related to the biochemistry of cannabinoids and interested in the latest industry happenings.

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