Where to buy legal cannabis in Canada online: List of all websites

Where to buy cannabis online in canada

Most people aren’t yet familiar with all the online cannabis stores in Canada. Here’s where you can buy recreational cannabis depending on which province you live in.

Cannabis users across the nation are able to legally buy cannabis as of yesterday, but which websites exactly are legal and operating under the law?

A well-known cannabis activist and one of the more popular lawyers lately, Trina Fraser, posted a list of the websites licensed by the federal government.

Where to buy legal cannabis online in Canada?

Listed below are all the provinces and their current legal online retailers, and producers which are also licensed for sales.

Two of the provinces, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, have opted to allow private retailers online.

The other provinces have government-run online stores, or they’ve created a separate government corporation to handle sales and distribution.

British Columbia

British Columbia will be doing online sales exclusively through its government-run website.

You can buy cannabis online from British Columbia on the official government website:

You can find information about the recreational cannabis system in British Columbia on this page.


Alberta will have a lot of traditional brick-and-mortar stores. The provincial government put a cap on 250 stores.

However, as for online sales, there will be online one website available for Albertans, and you’ll have to make a profile on it to start shopping around.

Buy your weed online in Alberta on:

You can find information about the recreational cannabis system in Alberta on this page.


Saskatchewan is one of the two provinces with private online retailers. There are currently only 5 websites that are up and running, and a few didn’t start with sales yet.

However, we’ll mention those as we expect them to start with sales in a few days.

You can find additional information about the legalization in Saskatchewan on this page.


Manitoba is the other province with a private online sales model.

There are currently 2 online stores up and running in Manitoba:

You can find information about the recreational cannabis system in Manitoba on this page.


Ontario doesn’t have a cap on the number of brick-and-mortar stores that can be opened, but it does have only one website you can buy from.

Most people from Ontario already know about the one store they’ve got, as there were more than 31,000 online orders in the first six hours after legalization in Ontario.

Buy your weed online in Ontario on:

You can also learn more about cannabis in Ontario by clicking here.


Quebec has very strict cannabis legislation. There are no private sales, neither online nor on the ground.

You can’t grow your own cannabis at home, and the only website you can order cannabis from is:

Learn more about the recreational cannabis system in Quebec by clicking here.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick might end up being one of the best-supplied provinces.

Given the number of current residents is around 750,000 people, and there are going to be 20 stores and a website, the people of New Brunswick should be just fine.

Buy weed online in New Brunswick via the government-run website here:

You can learn more about the cannabis system in New Brunswick by clicking here.

Nova Scotia

To be able to order cannabis online in Nova Scotia, you’ll have to visit the nearest NCLC store to receive an online access code.

After you get your access code, you should go to this website and start shopping:

You can find more information about the recreational cannabis system in Nova Scotia here.


Prince Edward Island is one of the provinces that created a government-run corporation that is controlling sales of cannabis.

Their online portal can be found on:

You can find more information about the recreational cannabis system here.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador have one of the more interesting systems since it has been altered over time.

It may be the only province in which you’ll be able to buy weed and liquor at the same store.

So far, you can buy cannabis online on the official government website:

You will also be able to buy weed in stores, as Newfoundland resident is opening one of the first private retail stores in the province soon.

Find out more information about the cannabis system in Newfoundland and Labrador here.

The three Canadian territories

Only Yukon and Nunavut will have online sales. You can find their respective cannabis sales websites here:

The Northwest Territories won’t have an online cannabis retail website, and all sales must go through the local liquor stores.

You also may have noticed that Tweed is the main website for Nunavut, and that’s not a mistake as they received the award from the local government to run online sales.

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