Beverage Industry Magazine readers chose Oki CBD as favorite new drink

Readers of Beverage Industry Magazine voted Oki CBD-infused beverages as their favorite new product release in June.

Oki drinks garnered 28% of the vote, followed by Pear Chamomile PRESS Hard Seltzer and Tampico Beverages ZERO sugar juices.

The Oki line from Phivida Organics features iced teas and flavor-infused waters, both containing 20 mg of active hemp extract, commonly known as cannabidiol or CBD.

Designed as all-natural, non-GMO drinks that offer consumers relaxation and calm in their fast-paced lives, the company says it created Oki “as a powerful new way to restore balance to your life and focus on your day.”

The name Oki is “borrowed” from a small island off the coast of Japan, which has a rich history of hemp cultivation stretching back to 8,000 BC.

The waters are available in four flavors – Cucumber Mint Refresh, Enhanced Water, Watermelon Renew and Cranberry Revive.

According to the company, they are ideal after an intense workout.

The CBD-iced teas offered by Oki also come in four flavors – Lemon Ginger Harmony, Honey Tranquil, Raspberry Serene and Mint Relax. The beverages are offered nationwide, at a suggested retail price of $4.99 per bottle.

Meanwhile, the Pear Chamomile PRESS Hard Seltzer is a limited-edition flavor offered by PRESS and made with completely natural ingredients as well. With 110 calories per can, the seltzer contains 4% alcohol.

Third-placed Tampico juices are offered in two flavors – Mango Punch and Citrus Punch – that boast zero sugar and 100% of the FDA recommended daily servings of vitamin C.

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