COLUMN: From Now On, I’m Taking It Slow


From now on, I’m going to take it slow.

Over the weekend, I did something simple that felt like an act of rebellion. I decided to walk slowly.

I felt each footstep, how it hit the ground, how my foot bent to the pavement and checked in with myself to see if I was rushing or not. If it felt like I was, I tried to slow down.

At first, it felt really weird, like I was standing out or people were getting annoyed with me. But once I got past those initial doubts, it felt great. I noticed things I normally would have sped past and the city streets felt new again, despite having walked them for years.

As I was walking I casually sipped my Pax Era concentrate vaporizer, which I recently outfitted with Solei’s Balance pod that is equal parts CBD and THC. I’ve slowly been testing out the Era (review coming soon) and have found it is perfect for situations like these because of its portability and ability for quick intake — no heating up is required. 

This lets me easily microdose it, while Balance’s high CBD means that it doesn’t have a strong psychoactive effect, which makes it easier to stay in the moment and not get distracted by roaming thoughts.

I also had on a pair of fake black Apple Airpods with “low-fi chill hop” on full blast. If you’ve never heard of this music genre, it is a very calming mix of beats that often features ambient noises such as crumpling paper or someone talking. It is easy to make fun of given its basic formula, like this video has done below, but it’s still gaining popularity nonetheless.

I find it has a calming effect that can aid in slowing down and goes very well with weed. Below is a Spotify playlist I recommend for the genre.

I do have a point here. The fact that chillhop beats, CBD, mindfulness, ASMR or typing in all lower-case have all gained popularity in recent years is no coincidence.

As a society, it seems we are more stressed out now than ever. We are constantly bombarded with information on the Internet and our smartphones, not to mention terrifying news such as Donald Trump, the climate crisis, or coronavirus. With this information overload, it is no wonder that people want a dose of calmness to balance things out.

That’s why I’m going slow. That’s why I’m meditating every morning and enjoying my CBD weed. Because when it all comes down to it, this chaos is all processed through our own minds, and we have the choice of whether to listen to it or not. 

I know what you’re thinking — that “going slow” is easier said than done. After all, there are kids to feed and places to be. It definitely takes practice and a conviction, but I think you’ll see that when you “clear the cache” in your mind, it is easier to prioritize what is important and do away with the rest, thus freeing up time.

Then when your eyes are open to the present, you might see that the world is actually a beautiful place. All it takes is that first step.

About the author
Eric Stober

Eric is an experienced journalist that enjoys cannabis for its many creative benefits. He has written for Global News, Post City magazine, The Grid and many more blogs.

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