Is Emerald Health Therapeutics a licensed producer worth looking into?

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Emerald Health is a BC-based cannabis producer that is set to explode onto the cannabis scene in 2019, once their high-tech facility kicks into full speed.

When someone first brought my attention to Emerald Health I was kind of caught off guard as I didn’t know much about them.

The one thing I did know is the company has several joint ventures which are moving in various directions.

There’s Emerald Health Therapeutics, Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals, Emerald Health Bioceuticals, Emerald Health Naturals, etc and I wasn’t really fond of all that. It confused me.

I didn’t know which company was what, at first. Many people online, especially traders and stock lovers, are often confused by this, and so was I.

But then, I looked a bit deeper into the company—away from the surface of the corporate umbrella.

Turns out, Emerald Health is a really good LP and is only going to become better in 2019, and here’s why.

Looking ahead

Emerald Health Therapeutics was founded in 2007 and got its first cannabis production license in 2014.

Ever since this company has been on a slow but steady growth path. This summer, their joint venture which resulted in the Pure Sunfarms facility got licensed for 550,000 square feet.

The whole facility has 1.1 million square feet and it is expected to be fully licensed and operational by summer 2019.

That additional 550,000 square feet will put Emerald at a very advantageous position, as they’ll be able to cover their needs in both the medical and recreational sector.

Several agreements signed with provinces (specifically B.C. and Newfoundland and Labrador) have enabled the company to look even further and possibly expand their future sales.

The company delivered their monthly supply to the distribution centers in these 2 provinces in October and November.

Emerald also announced that the company will be working with the Ontario Cannabis Store as well.

Endo Brain approved by Health Canada

Emerald Health saw a great day yesterday, as the company got approval for product licenses and natural product numbers (NPNs) from Health Canada to sell its Endo product line of endocannabinoid-supporting nutritional products in Canada.

The company plans on launching the Endo product line through over-the-counter retailers such as Canadian natural health product, grocery, and pharmacy stores by mid-2019.

The products include:

  • Endo Sleep;
  • Endo Inflame;
  • Endo Brain;
  • Endo Bliss;
  • Endo Calm.

The Endo products are cannabis-free nutritional supplements designed to support the body’s endocannabinoid system, balance health, and general well-being.

After doing some more looking into it, I got to understand that generally speaking, Emerald is looking at improving human health through cannabis science.

Not only that, but the President of the company is actually a medical professional—Dr. Avtar Dhillon MD, and that’s not something a lot of LP’s can say about their executives.

The combination of very sophisticated growing facilities, knowledgeable and experienced executives, and more than a pinch of caring for humanity makes for what Emerald is today and what it can potentially become in 2019.

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