This Is What People Search Online in Relation to Weed. Seriously.

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It’s fun to see what other people search online, especially if it’s something you’re interested in. So, let’s see what’s on people’s minds related to weed.

I’m fascinated by Quora. While you can find true experts in their field, superbly explaining some complicated issues, you can also find people asking the strangest questions there. Some of my favorite are:

There are just some questions that no answers can top.

So, let’s see what people search for on Quora in relation to cannabis.

6 Cannabis-Related Questions on Quora

1. Did Jesus use cannabis? 

There is a similar question there about Lord Shiva, and the questioner also asked: “If he is a god, would he need drugs?” The main thing to understand is that cannabis did not have such a reputation, or “stigma”, historically. The question “Did Jesus drink mint tea?” certainly wouldn’t sound as loaded as this one about cannabis. 

According to Chris Bennett, a scientist who carefully studied the scriptures, Jesus and his disciples did use cannabis-enriched anointing oil for his miraculous healings. If this information is true, there isn’t anything surprising about the fact that a plant that had been used for religious purposes in many religions, was used in the wake of Christianity. That doesn’t really make Jesus “a stoner”. 

2. Does smoking marijuana make you smarter?

There’s some wishful thinking. While the debate is always hot between those who think cannabis lowers your IQ and those who think the opposite, the studies have shown that there isn’t a definite answer to this one. My take is that marijuana probably doesn’t alter intelligence, although it most certainly alters our perception

3. Why do smart people use marijuana?

The best way to answer this question is to simply ask some smart people about their reasons for smoking weed. I asked three of them, and I got three different replies: 

  • Because it makes me feel gooood.
  • Because it cured my Hashimoto.
  • Because it makes me write better poems.

I’d translate their answers into a logical conclusion that smart people, as well as less smart ones, use weed to relax, treat some health issues, and/or get artistic inspiration. 

4. What’s the best way to hide the smell of cannabis from a drug dog?

This makes me wonder who’s posting these questions on Quora. Members of a drug-smuggling organization? 

As legalization advances, people are becoming allowed to travel with weed. It’s very limited, only to certain destinations, very controlled and regulated. But one by one, the bans are going down. Medical marijuana patients can board planes with weed, no need to hide from drug dogs. 

As for tourists who want to smuggle some guilty pleasure to a paradise destination, or members of a drug cartel… They should find their own ways.

5. Did William Shakespear smoke cannabis?

So, it’s not only Jesus that people want to know about. Having in mind that Shakespearologists can’t even agree on who Shakespear really is, we can’t expect to know the truth about the Bard’s smoking habits. There was one study that uncovered traces of cannabis in William’s garden but, though this was some impressive detective work, we aren’t any closer to the answer. 

6. Should one legalize marijuana on Earth?

I assume this is a foreigner asking whether weed should be legal everywhere, but the construction automatically makes me wonder whether marijuana is legal on Mars, Saturn, etc. (What’s the point in traveling there if they don’t have legal weed?)

As for legal weed on Earth, there are many reasons for legalization, from collecting tax money and boosting the economy, to enabling more medical research. 

5 Fun Weed Questions on Google

Enough from Quora. Here are a few of the more interesting questions from Google search. 

1. Does cannabis show up on x-ray?

Today’s airport x-ray machines are sophisticated enough to be able to detect weed in your suitcase, but it’s also a question of how you packed it. The scanner doesn’t show objects clearly, but rather colors by the type of material (plastic, metal, organic) and object shapes, so small amounts of marijuana hidden in clothing could go undetected. 

But if it’s illegal where you are or where you are headed, it goes without saying: don’t risk it. 

2. Does smoking marijuana cause zits?

This may sound like a funny question at first, but it’s actually very legit. There have been some studies on how CBD, for example, affects different skin conditions, but scientists still haven’t looked into how the cannabis plant influences acne. As for now, the most they can say is that it may worsen the existing acne condition. 

3. Why does marijuana look weird?

This is very subjective. Even though we all know what “weird” means, we’re constantly surprised by what someone sees as weird. I wouldn’t say marijuana looks any weirder than a pineapple, but we have to agree that we don’t have a universal measuring scale for weird-looking plants. So, until we know for sure that marijuana is weird-looking, we cannot look for reasons why.

4. Why does marijuana turn your lips black?

The question is: DOES marijuana turn your lips black? There isn’t any scientific evidence that it does, but many people report it. Some explanations on forums are that this is possible due to nicotine in weed, or because heat and smoke irritation cause sores in the mouth. So, smoking in general may do this, but not weed in particular.

5. Is marijuana natural?

It’s interesting to see there are still people who don’t know what marijuana is and wonder whether it is a synthetic drug. I assume they are not among Greencamp readers, but just in case: the answer is yes. Marijuana or, more accurately, the cannabis plant is a natural organism that’s grown like other plants. 

However, as of a few decades ago, there are also synthetic cannabinoids. They are more toxic, dangerous, and consequently, should be avoided.

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