CBD oil that causes seizures sold to Utah residents

The Utah Poison Control Center (UPCC) announced last week that bottles allegedly filled with CBD oil were being sold to unaware citizens at Wasatch Front smoke shops.

A patient at a local hospital which has been taking Cannabidiol (CBD oil) for seizures has recently suffered an even stronger seizure after consuming the oil which was supposed to give the opposite effect.

After picking up the oil and having it analyzed, the UPCC came to the conclusion that the alleged CBD oil was, in fact, a synthetic spice-like substance, said UPCC Director Barbara Crouch.

Fake CBD oil is running wild

This is not the first time fake CBD oil has been reported to the authorities, as 19 cases have been reported so far since the beginning of November.

UPCC says that users that consumed this oil unaware of its fraudulent contents have reported side effects such as an altered mental status, seizures, confusion, loss of consciousness and slurred speech after ingesting the alleged CBD oil.

Crouch said that those side effects are not common for CBD oil, even though the oil is made from hemp plants. Keep in mind that industrial hemp doesn’t have any THC.

The CBD compound of the plant does not have any psychological effects on the user, while THC does.

Ms. Crouch also says that she immediately alerted the authorities after hearing several of these reports, namely the Utah Department of Health, which opened an investigation along with DPS and the Utah State Bureau of Investigations.

Most of the reports came from people that shopped their alleged CBD oil in the smoke shops across the Wasatch Front, Crouch said. Soon after she shopped there herself.

Barbara Crouch said that the oil she bought in the stores at Wasatch Front look like CBD oil, but aren’t.

State and federal investigators are working together in order to determine where the synthetic oil originated from, and how it got into local smoke shops.

In the meantime, Crouch said, the biggest concern is making people “aware of the fact that this is being sold as CBD, but it’s not.”

13 thoughts on “CBD oil that causes seizures sold to Utah residents”

  1. Thanks for posting this warning. I will remain vigilant when shopping for CBD products – and I am sorry to hear that fraudulent use of junk and labeling it CBD oil is being used for a source of income.

    Once again, we see that a very small amount of money collected criminally seems OK to someone out there willing to injure people, or worse, by means of a very cynical crime. How low can people go, and still sleep at night?

  2. I kinda figured this was gonna happen at some point!! Not to happy about this. I’m a 66 year old woman taking CBD for seizures. I live in Pennsylvania. It is helping me I must say. The buying part is getting a little confusing now. So what do ya suggest?

  3. Thank you so much for your due diligence, you and your web have been so helpful as I have had concern dealing with other companies especially foreign ones. Keep up the good work and keep us safe.
    I have had as much as five hours relief from pain and clarity of thinking. Much appreciated. I am a 74 year old female.

  4. Industrial hemp can contain up to .3% THC , according to the Agricultural Farm Bill of 2014, an isolate (CBD) can be THC FREE, but this process does not usually involve the common oils infused in olive or coconut oil, why this clarification? You may still test positive for THC in a drug test!

  5. So my husband suffered from what we believe as non epileptic seizures. They just cannot figure out what causes them and eegs come up normal. My husband bought a cbd vapor pen that someone else suggested who has seizures. He ended up with 2 seizures within 1 hour apart. This has never happened before. Usually it’s like 2 a year , and far apart. Just frustrated, we were really hoping it was going to help, not do the opposite affect.

    • Wait, so your husband was one of the people that were affected by the fake CBD oil going around? That is terrible!! I hope that he is doing better now. Stay strong!


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