How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder (4 Alternatives)

How to grind weed

Whether you’re flying abroad on a holiday, or you just forgot to bring it on a camping trip, every now and then you won’t have a grinder at hand. Here’s how to grind weed without using a grinder.

Depending on the situation, there are several ways you could grind weed without using a grinder.

So, in the light of this article, let’s imagine that we’re going through a few different scenarios.

In the first scenario, you’re at someone’s house and you pull out the weed, the papers, the wraps, there’s a 7 foot bong sitting on the couch next to you, but nobody can find the grinder.

You start digging through the couch, but still nothing.

So, you and your friends go looking through the apartment for a couple things you could use and you find the following: scissors, a knife and a cutting board, a plastic bottle and some razors.

Use your fingers

One way you could grind weed without a grinder is by using your fingers to break down the buds. Some nugs may be denser than others so you may have to be a bit more persistent.

This method is not really suitable for bud that’s extremely sticky. You’ll get the terpenes all over your fingers and they’ll be sticky. Try putting the really sticky buds in a refrigerator for a half hour or so and they should break down easily.

Use scissors

You can use scissors in a few different ways: Depending on what type of bud you have this may or may not be the best method.

If the bud you have is very dry, I recommend using fingers. If it’s dense, scissors aren’t the best method either but they’ll do.

Scissors work best when you have really big, fluffy buds that you can hold between fingers and chop at the same time.

If the bud is too sticky, it’s going to fly off from your rolling tray.

Use a knife and a cutting board

You can use a knife and a cutting board just as efficiently, and I strongly recommend this method for buds that are very sticky.

It would be best if you used a wooden board.

Line up the nugs and make sure you use the sharpest knife you got. Make small and fast motions in order to chop it up as much as you can.

Use a plastic bottle and razors

Alright, now we’re going wild.

This is the out-and-about method as I like to imagine the only time you would need to use this method is while you’re out camping and you lost your swiss knife but you still have your backpack.

And yeah, this is one of those month-long camping trips in which you carry razors and not a switchblade.

Make sure the bottle you use is completely dry and moist-free. Put the razors in the bottle along with the weed and shake as long as you have to until the weed is ground up. Empty the contents of the bottle on a tray.

Remove the razors and all you will have left is ground up weed.

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