The issue with growing cannabis at home in Canada

cannabis starting materials

Growing cannabis at home is allowed by federal law in Canada and criminalized by two provinces. Right now, you can’t grow no matter what the law says.

When the federal government announced its plan to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide, provinces were given time to adjust.

Albeit, maybe not enough time.

Quebec and Manitoba announced that they will outlaw growing at home, and they did so. Most people are expecting someone to legally challenge those two provinces.

The federal government also said that they will create access to starting materials such as seeds and seedlings.

Starting materials for growing

So far only 5 provinces announced what types of starting materials they will be offering.

The other five haven’t, and since Quebec and Manitoba are two of those five, it is most likely that the remaining 3 will only make that announcement.

As for the five provinces which announced, here is what they’ll be selling:

  • British Columbia – seeds only
  • Alberta – seeds only
  • Saskatchewan – seeds and plants; online and in store
  • Newfoundland – seeds only
  • PEI – seeds and seedlings

The federal limit is 4 plants per household, no matter what the number of residents may be.

Let us remind you that users of medical cannabis which are authorized to grow their own cannabis can grow a larger number of plants, depending on their prescription.

Growing medical cannabis

If you are licensed to grow your own cannabis, or perhaps someone else put you down as their designated grower, you should know that you can only grow seeds bought from LPs.

Licensed producers are allowed to sell you either seeds or whole plants. This is the only legal source of the seed supply.

You will first need to register with the licensed producer you plan on buying from.

It would most likely be best if you registered with a local licensed producer so that you can go straight to the source.

Visiting the licensed producer’s grow op is always a nice experience. Buying some plants on your way out—now, that’s priceless.

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