“WYD after smoking this?” meme is what we really do

what you do after smokin this

The meme history stretches for more than a decade, and it was bound to get mixed with the weed culture. Combine that with the unprecedented power of social media, and we got ourselves a way of expressing thought that can be more powerful than many other conventional channels of communication. So, WYD after smoking this?

Memes have become a part of the culture by integrating themselves into the language and behavior of many adolescents and young adults through social media.

Coincidentally, adolescents and young adults also happen to make up most of the weed-smoking population.

So, it is easy to assume that memes will have, and have had a large impact on the last couple of generations. This is true in more than one way.

Perhaps the most popular meme that went viral was the *HITS BLUNT* meme that describes everyday questions posing a mind-blowing conundrum once thought about more thoroughly.

Also, there’s the “High Guy” we all love and know.

high guy

Marijuana has been labeled as dangerous drug for longer than anyone can remember. All the way back in the early 20th century and up until today, nothing has indicated that the general view of the authorities has changed towards cannabis.

Initial propaganda insisted that “smoking the soul destroying reefer” was making people rape women, jump out the window and go completely insane after a while.

Some 70 years later we’ve got medical marijuana in 30 states legalized at least in some form, but the federal prosecution hasn’t slowed down one bit.

This is, in part, due to all propaganda that turned around and started working in favor of promoting marijuana.

More and more musicians started openly talking about their use in the early 2000’s and marijuana slowly but surely became mainstream.

Now, why am I saying all of this and what does it have to do with memes?

To go back to the point where weed intersects with violence — according to propaganda, pot smokers have lately gained a lot of bad rep for being lazy.

And simply by the nature of those two emotions, lazy and violently aggressive with murderous tendencies simply doesn’t go together.
Bruh, WYD after smoking this?
To prove my theory, I will call upon the assistance of the “WYD after smoking this” meme.

According to, the internet’s library of memes and their history, this meme originated in 2016 when Twitter user posted an image of a massive marijuana blunt laced with wax and keef asking “wyd 10 minutes after you hit this?”.


A mere 2 days later, the internet got its hands on this meme and things got out of control.

The first significant repost of the meme aired on a fake World Star Hip Hop account and started the avalanche of “WYD after smoking” this memes.


Quickly afterward we saw the outburst grow bigger and bigger, from which we now have classics such as the “folding dishes” meme.


The “folding dishes” meme is perhaps my favorite of all WYD after smoking this memes because it points to the needlessness of the question to begin with.

All people that get high got one common thing — they smoke it to relax and feel better.

So, what is the point of listing all these memes? Well, it’s actually pretty simple.

As I previously said, I wanted to prove that smoking weed makes you less aggressive than if you were not to smoke it.

All the answers above on the question “What do you do after smoking this?” are what stoners actually do.

We get high, stupid high, and then we do stupid stuff like walking your dog on a PS controller.

I have never seen in my life anyone smoking weed to go aggressive and get into someone’s face unless they’ve also consumed other substances at the same time, mostly alcohol.

Smoking marijuana has that pacifying effect on people that gives them a certain soothing feeling, a type of serenity if you will, which whispers in your ear that fighting is really not a way to go about.

In fact, since the 70’s and the whole anti-war hippie movement, marijuana has gained bad rep because protesters were consuming it. They were against war.

And being against war was, well that was just unacceptable, and un-American in some people’s eyes.

So, you see, even though marijuana never did anything bad to anyone (except for threatening the whole paper and cotton industry) the baggage following it was always too big.

Weed smokers want to have fun and enjoy their time.

WYD after smoking this memes make marijuana relatable to a wider crowd than just stoners.

These memes bring people closer together, and at the end of the day that’s what we all like to do after smoking.

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