10 Best Weed Memes Walk You Through a Stoner’s Day

Weed memes

What a way to unwind for the night.

You’ve got a dime of your favorite strain sitting right there on your kitchen counter. Red Dead Redemption 2 is in the process of being installed on your gaming rig.

You go into the kitchen to make yourself a milkshake.

“Why don’t I roll one while I am at it?” you think to yourself.

Fifteen minutes later you walk out of your kitchen with a joint and a shake, ready to play the hell out of RDR2, only to find out the game is miles away from being installed.

“I might as well just light this joint and search for some weed memes for a few giggles while I wait,” you quickly decide.

A day in the life of a stoner

A day in a stoner’s life can turn out to be highly unpredictable. You never know where that morning toke will take you.

Harold & Kumar ended up at Guantanamo Bay. We wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up telling us a story about how you met Captain Jack Sparrow.

Everything is possible.

To better demonstrate this, we prepared a weed memes compilation that we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to.

But before we jump in, let’s first explain what weed memes are, on the off chance that someone is still unfamiliar with the term.

What are weed memes?

Weed memes are funny images of anything related to cannabis, that quickly spread on the Internet and become very popular. Anyone can make them and they are usually shared via social networks.

The rules are simple: the photo needs to be funny, to say something in connection to weed either through image only or coupled with text, and that’s it.

Popular culture and celebrities are often used as inspiration for the weed meme.

So, here they are:

10 best weed memes

Start your day the marijuana way!

Start your day the marijuana way

This first one is less of a weed meme, and more of a way to start the list (and your day) the right way.

Picture your morning as it just started – the sun still slowly basking through the trees you can see from your balcony.

You open the balcony while holding a cup of good old Joe. The fresh morning air is liberating.

As you’re watching the wind shake the trees, you are wondering what else you could do to make this morning complete.

Janis Joplin and Blue Dream, it is.

As Bobby McGee enters the picture, you start to smell “that rich, green aroma” mixing up with the mountain fresh air around you. What a morning!

When I smell weed in public

When I smell weed in public

Your morning ritual is over and you’re all set to go to work.

Just as you turn around the block on your way there, your nose starts to tingle. You are on to something. Will it keep you from getting to work on time?

You decide to follow the green trail turning into a seductive, intoxicating smell that’s leading right into your local park.

As you arrive at the source of the smell, you find out the joint starter is your long-forgotten best friend from kindergarten.

To put all of this into perspective – to smell weed in public is to set your day up for all sorts of interesting things that can happen.

Weed is not a drug, it’s a plant

Weed is not a drug it's a plant therefore I am a florist

How about that? Twenty minutes into the conversation with Marcus, your homie from kindergarten, you find out he used to study biology and is now a florist.

We have yet to hear of someone asking for a florist’s number quicker than you. You never know when you might need an urgent flower arrangement.

My idea of Instagram

One gram

Having taken a selfie with your homie, you decide to put the picture on Instagram with a caption that says “Haven’t seen this dude in over 20 years – he’s a florist now“. Hashtag:  #instanugget

They see me rollin’

Rolling weed

You two were discussing the concept of the shadow in Jungian psycho-dynamic theory when he started rolling another one.

You were going on and on about the unconscious mind when Marcus started mumbling something about how jail sells weed.

Oh man, you are already half an hour late for work. Your friend is losing it. That’s your queue.

You finally say goodbye, and off to work you go.

Dude, this song smells amazing

Dude that song smells amazing

About halfway there and 40 minutes late you realize your wireless headphones aren’t on.

Sifting through the inexhaustible well of music you have on your Spotify account, you find the ideal song to describe your state of being – Rivers of Babylon, Boney M.

But, not even the nicest of songs can hide the fact you are scared s***less of your boss’ reaction.

When somebody at work asks you…

The do you smoke weed look

You walk through the office doors and reach your desk when you hear a clear shout calling your name.

“Report to my office immediately”, your boss’ deep voice echoes through the hall.

Just as he’s about to ask you why you are an hour late, he notices it; red eyes, avoiding eye contact. That “somebody at work who asks you if you smoke weed” is no other than your boss.

Since he always liked how you are nice and honest, you just get a slap on the wrist and four overtime hours in the copy room.

Giving your boss that look, though – worth it.

How yo boss look at u when u request April 20th off

How yo boss look at u when u request april 20th off

Just as you are about to leave his office, you have this idea so absurd, it’s actually brilliant.

What do you stand to lose? Your job? You can find another one.

What do you stand to gain? Victoriously coming home and telling your roommate April 20th is now officially a holiday at your firm.

You go for it. You make the request.

The look your boss gives you is cold. Cold, indeed.

You leave the office with a total of eight extra hours to work through by the end of the day – a small price to pay for having an interaction like that with your boss.

All worth it, you tell yourself.

Jail sells weed?

Someone said I could go to jail for weed. Jail sells weed?

Later in the day, you find out what Marcus meant by jail selling weed.

I was pretty stoned last night…

Calculator not alarm

You finally come home from a 16-hour shift at work, so eager to roll that #instanugget you’ve been waiting for the entire day.

Two hours into the smoking session and seven episodes of Netflix’s Disjointed in, your eyelids slowly start giving up on you.

You set the alarm for the night. You wake up to a calculator.

And here you are, being late for work again, but oh well… There are no surprises in a stoner’s day.


Is Red Dead Redemption installed yet? ‘Cause we are running out of steam.

We hope we delivered on our promise to provide you with enough giggles to satisfy your baked self.

Laughter is the best medicine, after all. No, wait. Weed is. And we are passing the torch to you.

Take a puff. Be merry.

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Experienced journalist with a decade-long experience of researching cannabis. She has been featured in many prominent outlets, such as The Growth Op, National Post and The Province.

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