Agent Orange Weed: Top Choice for Medical Users

Agent orange weed

Getting to know a cannabis strain is always an exciting experience, especially when its name suggests a mystery or some great action awaiting.

Agent Orange weed does just that.

Not only does it have powerful and long-lasting effects, it’s also one of the most common strains used for medical purposes.

Thanks to its remarkable citrusy flavor, flashy appearance, and great overall value, Agent Orange is one of the best strains that you can consume today.

Let’s see why every devoted cannabis enthusiast should give this strain a try.

General info

Agent Orange weed is a product of TGA Subcool Seeds.

The group got an idea to mix three different strains (Jack the Ripper, Space Queen, and Orange Skunk), and the end result was truly amazing.

Not only did they create a potent strain full of cannabinoids, especially THC at 25%, but they also created a strain with enormous therapeutic potential.

The original Agent Orange was a herbicide mixture that was used during the Vietnam War. Some people believe that nearly 20 million gallons of Agent Orange were used in both Vietnam and Cambodia in this period, which is quite a lot.

Luckily, the production of this toxic mixture stopped long ago. The only Agent Orange we have today is the beautiful strain that has the opposite effect of the original Agent Orange.

Although we can find traces of both Indica and Sativa here, this is primarily a Sativa strain. As a result, all the common benefits of Sativa are fitted in one place, but we also have the relaxing effects of Indica on top of that.

Agent Orange weed is also one of the most resistant strains on the market today.

It can be used very effectively for both recreational and medical purposes. Medical patients use it to treat anxiety, depression, and even relieve symptoms of more serious conditions like Multiple Sclerosis.

Regardless of whether you’re smoking the weed or consuming it in an edible form, the effects will be strong, consistent, and profound.

Big, distinct, and sometimes even purple

Agent Orange weed has quite a unique appearance. In fact, I’d say the strain’s looks are one of the trademarks that make it so special and unique.

What really stands out here are the colas. They’re fairly big and they have quite a distinct profile.

But that’s not all – if you dry them properly, they can even become purple. But even without this fascinating transformation, its combination of green and orange pistils is enough to attract any devoted cannabis enthusiast.

If I would have to rate the strain based on appearance alone, Agent Orange weed would undoubtedly get a 10/10 score.

How does smoking Agent Orange weed feel like?

Agent Orange weed has a strong, sweet, and citrus-like flavor that will linger in your mouth for a while.

The smell is highly addictive as well and it will draw you in before you even notice. If you like lemons and oranges, you’ll be happy with this aroma that combines these flavors in a truly magnificent way.

As I mentioned already, you can consume Agent Orange weed as an edible concentrate or you can smoke it. The effects are somewhat stronger when you smoke it.

The first effects kick in immediately after consumption. You’ll feel joy and happiness all over your body and creative energy will be flowing through your veins.

These effects will last for a couple of hours, but even after they perish, they will eventually return. Some people call this “a double high effect”. So, if you want to experience a pleasant long-lasting high, you’ll get plenty of that with Agent Orange weed.

Another advantage of this strain is its relaxing effect. It helps you unwind, and it can help you overcome stress very effectively.

You can consume Agent Orange weed anytime you like, but I recommend using it in the morning. It will help you wake up and your energy levels will be high all the way until lunchtime.

Growing Agent Orange weed

Agent Orange weed is not too difficult to grow, but you’ll need some prior experience. If you have proper growing conditions and if you follow the instructions carefully, you shouldn’t have any problems along the way.

You can grow Agent Orange both indoors and outdoors, but you should ideally grow it during spring or summer. The strain doesn’t like cold weather in general, and if you’re planning to grow it outside, you should know that heavy winter will definitely destroy the plant.

Just like many other strains, Agent Orange requires some maintenance to grow properly.

You’ll need to ensure that the plant is well supported and that the buds never crash into the ground. If that happens, the plant will rot before it’s even formed.

From time to time, you will also need to dry the leaves as the strain is (sadly) not resistant to mold.

On the other hand, the strain has excellent resistance against pests and diseases in general.

The flowering stage typically lasts between 55 and 65 days and the harvest is usually done in October.

As you can see, it’s a demanding process, but if you know what you are doing, it won’t be hard.

Medical benefits of Agent Orange weed

First and foremost, Agent Orange weed is an enormous stress reliever. You’ll feel the first effects as soon as you start consuming it and they can last for several hours.

It’s a perfect time to unwind, relax, and allow your body to regenerate itself after bouts of chronic, ongoing stress.

Agent Orange weed can treat both depression and anxiety effectively.

But the medical effects don’t stop there. You can also use Agent Orange weed to relieve chronic pain, and as I mentioned, and even symptoms of more serious conditions like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Lastly, Agent Orange weed can also help with headaches, migraines, and it can increase your appetite. It’s not a magic pill, but as you can see, it works well in a number of different situations.

If medical cannabis is legal in your country and you’re suffering from one or more conditions that I’ve mentioned above, be sure to try Agent Orange weed as a remedy.


It is possible to feel some side-effects of consuming Agent Orange weed. They can be annoying, but if we better understand them, we can react on time and prevent them.

Dehydration is the most common side-effect. Luckily, the solution is very simple – all we need to do is drink enough water and the symptoms will eventually disappear.

Dizziness is also relatively common, but luckily, it goes away quickly.

If you go overboard with your Agent Orange, you can end up having the same symptoms that you are trying to relieve. You’ll feel anxious, depressed, and even paranoid.

The bottom line, though, is that with moderate consumption, the risk of these side-effects is minimal.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that none of these side-effects is life threatening, so you shouldn’t panic.

Moreover, you shouldn’t stop consuming weed if it makes you feel good in general.

Being aware of potential issues gives you a good advantage. You can use that knowledge to prevent or minimize unwanted consequences. That way, you can truly maximize all the benefits of this amazing strain.

Where to find Agent Orange weed?

If cannabis is legal in your country, you can find this strain at the nearest dispensary or in a local retail shop. One popular venue for ordering Agent Orange online is Big Bud World, and if you’re Canadian, one of the places to get your weed is Green Society.

In conclusion

Should you try Agent Orange weed? Absolutely! This is one of the most potent strains on the market and it offers a truly unique experience.

Brilliant taste, beautiful appearance, and a whole range of different medical benefits – you certainly won’t regret giving this strain a try.

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Helena Miles

Experienced journalist with a decade-long experience of researching cannabis. She has been featured in many prominent outlets, such as The Growth Op, National Post and The Province.

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