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Best Weed for Sex: 13 Strains for Ultimate Bedroom Experience

Although pot’s effects on sex are heavily debated in recent years, the concept of using cannabis as an aphrodisiac is anything but new.

The first written evidence of cannabis being consumed as a tool for facilitation of pleasure takes us back to the seventh century India, where it was used for the prolonging of intercourse and intensification of orgasms, directly connected to the ancient Indian practice of Tantric sex. (source)

Hemp (cannabis male plant) is also closely linked with with the goddess Freya, who was a symbol or eroticism in Norse mythology. (source)

This seems fairly logical as marijuana is scientifically proven to lower overall stress and anxiety, which automatically leads couples to have a more relaxed and tension-free time in the bedroom.

In my opinion, one of the most rewarding repercussions of smoking pot before sex is that it can bring you back to the moment itself.

We’ve probably all been there at some point, and while it tends to happen more often with partners you don’t have a deep emotional connection with, getting distracted by everyday banal thoughts is a severe mood-ruiner.

Also, time slightly bends when you’re making love, so the moments of divine pleasure will last appreciably longer if you’re high, including the grand finale.

But not all cannabis is the same, and it’s very important to comprehend what kind of marijuana you’re consuming, and what type of high fits your personal needs the best.

The difference between indica and sativa for sex

Indica and sativa are the two main subspecies of cannabis.

They produce almost completely different kinds of high, where the indica breed is responsible for a much stronger body effect, resulting in complete relaxation and detachment from the body which can be quite unpractical for making love.

This full-body blow is colloquially known as the “couch-lock”, where the user feels comfortably glued to the couch, undesiring to move a single muscle.

On the other hand, sativa strains offer a much more energetic and mind-driven high, leaving users with more stamina and a stronger desire to engage in any physical activity.

This of course means that if you’re feeling frisky you should probably avoid the heavy-intoxicating indica strains, and focus your pre-game custom on the gentle and playful sativa flowers.

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Finding the right amount of high

Getting too stoned can really mess up your performance in the sack, and can also lead to side effects like cotton-mouth and paranoia. Not to mention that the newer studies suggest that cannabis causes lack of lubrication in the lower regions.

Another negative aspect of getting too high is that (just like too much alcohol), it can lead to some poor judgement choices.

This can cause serious problems like contracting STI’s and STD’s, as we are far less careful about practically everything while fully intoxicated.

So if you don’t want to bang your head against the wall the next day, or desire to avoid your mouth (and other parts) feeling like the Gobi desert, stick to sativa strains with quantities of up to 12% of THC.

List of best cannabis strains for sex

Now that we know why and how weed influences our bedroom experiences, let’s check out the top strains for sex:


The direct descendant of the force itself, Skywalker is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has a perfect percentage of sativa to keep you nice and relaxed, but at the same time bouncy and playful.


Despite its sinister-sounding name, Voodoo is a feelgood and euphoric sativa strain that will surely make you pick up the pace in the bedroom, as its high-energy levels leave stress, anxiety and sadness somewhere in the rearview mirror.

Blue Cheese

With Blueberry and U.K. Cheese as its parents, this Indica cross will allow deep relaxation more suitable for gentler styles of love-making, but its pain relieving attributes will surely help to take the edge off if you have some violent ideas in store.

Asian Fantasy

While its genetics is still shrouded in a veil of mystery, one thing is certain for the Asian Fantasy strain: it’s really good for sex. The sativa dosage is perfect for energy-infused euphoria, so anticipate hours on end, with serious munchies soon to follow.

Skunk No. 1

You can expect superhuman creativity with this already legendary hybrid strain, thanks to the hardcore buzz it gives, but lay off from the oral games that night as its mighty cottonmouth-impact is also well documented.


Goo is a 80% indica hybrid that also allows some uplifting brain activity next to its heavy-mellow high. You can anticipate some serious hunger after your session, no matter how much cardio you’ve actually performed that night.

Granddaddy Purple

A direct descendant of Purple Urkle and Big Bud, the Granddaddy offers a strong cerebral frenzy with gentle physical loosening. As a potent indica cross its high is pretty aggressive (17-23% of THC), so make sure not to smoke in abundance, or you’ll be couch-glued before the romance can even begin.


This particular hybrid strain can be described as a very light and overtly uplifting experience, that will leave you with sufficient energy and creativity to perform even the freakiest of tasks!

Ultimate Trainwreck

Ultimate Trainwreck is the sativa-enriched first cousin of the famed Trainwreck strain. Its high will skyrocket your mind deep into orbit, and the moderate body-buzz it emits will leave you all tingly and experimental.

Sour Dream

The love child of Sour Diesel and Blue Dream strains, the Sour Dream is a sativa-prevalent hybrid that will severely lower your stress levels on the one hand, and on the other lift your brain activity to higher fun-seeking ratchet heights!

Bubblegum Kush

As a more indica-oriented hybrid (80%-20%), the Bubblegum’s potent body-shot will leave you barely standing, but the mind altering 20% of sativa will surely get you creative “juices” flowing in the right direction.


Portrayed as a highly uplifting and electrifying, the thrill of this hybrid will energize you to fulfill your wildest fantasies without any unnecessary overthinking and second doubts. But indulge in moderation because the comedown will bring some genuine hunger with it.


Harlequin is a sativa-prevalent hybrid with large amounts of CBD in it (CBD is short for cannabidiol, a cannabinoid that is becoming more popular in recent years for its anxiety-lessening and pain relieving effects). This strain will keep your mind gladly focused on all the sensations that joyfully overtake your entire being.

I sincerely hope you’ll try and test (in the right circumstances), some of the strains I’ve gathered in this article for you, and by trial and error find the perfect weed that suits your inner freak the most.


A passionate cannabis enthusiast ever since his late teens, Marco usually writes about 420 culture, health and weed basics. You can find him discussing various conspiracy theories with his peers.

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