Pax 3 Vaporizer Review – iPhone of the Vaping World

Pax 3 is the iPhone of the vaping world, with a sleek design, excellent build quality and a price to honor the status.

Product Pax 3
Warm Up Time 15 sec
Battery Life 1.5 hours
Temp Control Yes
Temp Range 182-215°C
Price C$319.99 > Pax


San Francisco-based Pax Labs has been successfully developing vaporizers since 2007. What makes them stand out from other companies is product design and the advanced technology itself.

Simply said, they are not afraid to innovate and market their products the way products should be marketed. Read “Apple”.

They sold over a million devices by now, and with the release of Pax 3, the sales just seem to continue to go up, with customers flocking over to the Pax camp in greater numbers.

Not too long ago, Pax 2 was their number one selling product, but then the Pax 3 came out completely upgraded but with the same stealthy look to it.

Pax 3 quickly outshined its predecessor with a quicker warm-up time, increased battery life, haptic feedback, half-oven lid, and a Bluetooth that allows you to connect your vape to your smartphone using a free Pax app.

What’s in the Pax 3 box?

The box itself is so well designed and looks like a high tech electronic box. In the Complete Kit box (which is what I tested) you get a:

  • Pax 3 device;
  • One concentrate insert;
  • Two mouthpieces;
  • Three oven screens (2 for dry herbs, one for concentrates);
  • Two magnetic oven lids;
  • One PAX charger and USB cable;
  • One protective case;
  • Maintenance kit (alcohol and pipe cleaners).

Pax 3 tech specs 9/10

Pax 3 specs

Battery life & charging options

Pax Labs definitely made an improvement when it comes to the battery life, without changing the size of the device.

Pax 3 is using a 3500 mah Li-ion battery but, unfortunately, it’s not user replaceable. This battery is just enough to give you one or two more sessions more than you’d get with Pax 2.

The battery lasts about 1.5 hours, which is enough for 5-6 sessions (maybe even more, depending on the length) before having to recharge it.

It takes about 2.5 hours to recharge a completely empty battery through the USB, and 90 to 100 minutes using the Pax power adapter.

What’s super cool with Pax 3 is the magnetic charging dock that charges through the micro-USB.

This essentially allows you to take your vaporizer and its small charging dock with you, whether you’re going on a road trip or just visiting the sunny beach bars of Jamaica.

Just attach the device to the dock and it’ll start charging.

The downside here is that the magnet is not particularly strong.

I tried charging it on the dock while carrying it around in my backpack, and it got detached. I “fixed” this by wrapping a headband around the device and the dock, but then what’s the point of the magnet? I have to say that the dock works perfectly well on hard surfaces.

If you are not impressed by the magnetic dock, you can always buy the USB mini-charger dock from Pax, which essentially does a pretty good job at quickly recharging the battery.

Flowers, concentrates or both?

Pax 3 is good both for dry herbs and for concentrates.

In the Complete Kit, you’ll get a concentrate insert which works well, with no leaking on the side. The concentrate insert does not fit perfectly with the device, it sticks out a bit, but works fine.

If you are not a big fan of concentrates and prefer only dried herbs, you can buy a Device Only kit.

The chamber holds about 0.2 to 0.3 grams with the standard full-pack oven lid.

With a half-oven lid (which provides good air-flow) you can now pack the chamber with 0.2 grams, which is just enough for a solo vaping sesh.

Temperature control

Pax 3 vapor temperature

Pax 3 does not have a screen that shows the temperature.

Instead, it has an indicator light that changes colors depending on the selected temperature.

It’s quite easy to choose the temperature, just hold the power button for two seconds. There are 5 different temperature options to choose from:

  • When one LED light turns green it means that the device has reached 182°C;
  • When two LED lights turn yellow the temperature is at 193°C;
  • Three LED orange lights indicate that the temperature is 204°C;
  • Four red LED lights mean that the temperature has reached 215°C;
  • The fifth is a custom temperature option which you can set up on your mobile app (which I’ll explain in a minute).

Once you’ve decided what temperature you would like to use, hold the power button again for two seconds to select it and you’re good to go.

As I mentioned earlier, comparing to the previous generation, Pax 3 has a reduced heating time. Now you can use your vaporizer in just 16 to 18 seconds after setting the desired temperature.

The device will vibrate to let you know it’s all warmed up and ready to go and you can start inhaling from the mouthpiece right away.

Pax 3 holds temperature well. Recommended temperature dried herbs is somewhere between 193 and 210°C.

However, for concentrates the highest temperature does not seem to do the job. You can still vape them, but don’t expect the full flavor.

Pax 3 vapor quality 8/10

The airflow is good, and thanks to the half-pack lid in the kit there is less drawing resistance when you put less weed.

The vapor itself is actually very pleasant.

It’s smooth, dense and rich in flavor. You can easily manipulate its thickness and flavor by changing the temperature and the heating mode.

You can feel the vapor fully and it leaves a nice aftertaste.

Don’t forget that you can set up the custom temperature on your mobile app, which is super cool (I’ll talk about this a bit later).

Pax 3 design 10/10

This is definitely one of the best-designed vaporizers on the market.

I am a sucker for minimalistic vapes, but in my honest opinion, from the package the Pax 3 comes in to the device itself and its accessories, everything just looks and feels premium.

Pax 3 design

It comes in four matte colors (black, teal, silver and rose gold) and two gloss finishes (silver and rose gold).

I personally prefer the matte finish (and the rose gold) cause I feel it’s easy to scratch the glossy ones and fingerprints stick all over it. If you don’t mind the fingerprints, go for the glossy finish if that’s your thing.

The dimensions of the Pax 3 are 3.87”x1.21”x0.85”, so it’s small and fits comfortably in the hand, as well as your pocket. It literally uses no space in the bag so you can carry it around with you all day, even if you’re going for a hike.

The device itself is made from high quality anodized aluminum. What is super cool about it is that the mouthpieces and lids are magnetically attached and secured, so there’s no way the vapor is going to leak.

Pax 3’s size is perfect and the device is discrete. The stealthy heating mode which you get with the app is actually there to reduce the scent of your herbs, which makes it perfect when you don’t want to draw attention.

How to use Pax 3

Pax 3 is simple and easy to use and is equally suitable for both new and advanced users.

Here are a few things you should pay attention to when using this vaporizer.


The first thing you should do when you unbox your new gadget is to sterilize the unit to get rid of the smell and any chemicals left over from the manufacturing process.

Press the power button (in the center of the mouthpiece) to turn on the unit.

Next, press and hold that same button to start the temperature mode and keep taping it until all “petals” are on—wait until they turn red, which indicates that the device is set to the highest temperature.

Press and hold the button once again to start heating. After a few minutes, the device will turn off automatically. Repeat this three times to complete the process.

After sterilizing it, it’s time to pack it for the first time.

Filling it up & chamber info

To load the Pax 3, remove the magnetic chamber lid at the bottom.

If you are going to be vaping alone, load the chamber with 0.1 to 0.2 grams and close it with a half-pack lid.

If you are going to be sharing it with at least one person or for multiple sessions, load the chamber with about 0.2-0.3 grams. Remember, fine ground weed will produce thicker vapor.

To insert a concentrate, remove the standard chamber, load the special concentrate canister with your favorite extract and set the device on.

Set the temperature, but have in mind that the higher the temperature, the stronger the effects will be, as more cannabinoids will get released.

If you’re a beginner, stick to temperatures between 182-193°C. If you’re an advanced user, you already know what works best for you.

Once the device has reached the desired temperature, you are ready to go. It cannot be any easier.

How to clean Pax 3

Pax 3 is a low-maintenance device and it’s actually quite easy to clean.

Empty the chamber and, with a metal pick, scrap the rest of the plant material.

Remove the mouthpiece, too.

Dip the wire brush included in the cleaning kit into alcohol and push it through a hole on the top side all the way to the other end of the device until you push out the screen.

Then, take one of the pipe cleaners, dip it into alcohol, and do the same thing.

Use the metal pick to scrape the rest of the material in the oven.

Now dip a cotton swab into alcohol and gently clean the mouthpiece, inside of the chamber and the top of the device.

Put all the pieces back again, and let it run the full cycle to evaporate the liquid before using your device again.

How to use the Pax 3 app?

Pax 3 app

Connecting the vaporizer to your phone

The app is pretty much similar for both iOS and Android, so go to the App Store or Play Store and download the app. Actually, I’ll make it easier for you:

To connect your phone to your new device, turn on the Bluetooth option on your phone. Open the app, click on the Start button and choose the Pax 3 vaporizer.

Turn on the vaporizer and shake it to turn the Bluetooth on (cool, huh?) and connect it with the app. The next step is to name your vaporizer, and then it will automatically take you to the dashboard.

The target temperature is shown in the green circle and the current temperature is just above the circle in gray numbers. Also, you can see your battery status in the bottom.

Custom temperature

Setting the custom temperature is so easy—you just swipe left and right on the big green circle to jump for 5 degrees, or swipe up and down to change the temperature for one degree at the time.

Heating modes

This is my favorite feature of the app and the whole device in general. This feature can take your vaping experience and triple the pleasure you get from the vaping, especially if you’re tech savvy.

There are five different heating modes:

  • Standard mode is used to maintain the temperature of the device. Every time you draw it will boost the temperature for 5 degrees, and drop back until your next toke.
  • Flavour mode is used to preserve the flavor between two inhalations. The temperature starts to build up as soon as you start inhaling and immediately drops once you stop. It’s good to know that this heating profile actually saves more of your herb.
  • Boost mode is great for quick sessions and/or dense vapor. It maintains higher temperatures for longer while decreasing the cooldown time. Be careful because the device will get hotter when this mode is on.
  • Efficiency mode increases the temperature by one degree when inhaling, and slows down the cooling. If you draw quickly it will go up for a degree every 3 to 5 seconds and will go up to the maximum temperature as long as you are inhaling.
  • Stealth mode is awesome when you want to keep odor at a minimum. This mode increases the cooling between the draws to avoid spreading the smell.

Pax 3 Standout Features

This vape comes with 10 year limited warranty, meaning it covers defects in materials and defects in work if used properly.

Pax 3 is not a cheap vaporizer, but a ten-year warranty is actually a long time and it’s definitely worth the money. After all, this is a premium product.

The most exciting feature of this vaporizer is clearly the app. As you could see, you can customize the temperature and the heating mode.

I’m usually very skeptical when it comes to apps that go with gadgets, but this one actually comes in handy. Definitely worth trying.

Finally, I would like to point out to the magnetic dock charger as a stand out feature.

It’s a nice idea, sounds cool, you can leave the device attached to the charger on your desk and it will work just fine.

But they still need to work on the strength of those magnets, as you can’t just put them in your bag and go about your way.

Final Verdict


Besides just a few tiny imperfections, this is by far one of the coolest vaporizers I’ve seen. I’m in love with the minimalist design and portability but would prefer a more secure charging dock. Would I still pay $300 for it? Absolutely!

C$319.99 > Pax

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