How to Come Down From a High ASAP?

come down from high

There are two types of getting too high.

a) When you consume too much THC all at once, and it hits you like a ton of bricks.

Some likely results of tetrahydrocannabinol used like this are a spike in blood pressure, lightheadedness, heart palpitations (irregular heartbeats), cold sweats, anxiety, and paranoid thoughts.

Potent cannabis derivatives such as edibles and concentrates will usually do this to you, but it can also occur with high-THC strains, especially if you’re a rookie.

b) When you consume great quantities of weed over prolonged periods of time, for instance smoking 5 joints with your friends over a course of several hours.

This one will transform you into a very buzzed sluggish blob of meat. Using weed this way tends to severely decrease blood pressure, bringing about a much more sedated and relaxed state, but it can also have elements of anxiety and paranoia.

Between these two, the first type of high is far scarier. And what you’ll need to know right away is: how to come down from a high?

Fortunately, there are things that will work wonders for your ‘weed high’ situation. Let’s go over them, and I’ll point out which tactics are better for which type of high. 

Black Pepper (Raw Peppercorns)

This inexpensive household item is very effective against THC-induced anxiety and paranoia.

Though not very pleasant in ordinary circumstances, chewing a couple of black pepper balls will, in this case, help you feel relief almost instantly.

Besides eating, sniffing black pepper directly from the shaker should also do the trick.

The secret of how pepper alleviates THC-induced troubles lies in one of its terpenes, beta-caryophyllene.

Both THC and beta-caryophyllene attach to the same cellular receptors in the brain (CB1), and once beta-caryophyllene is introduced, it “pushes out” the THC from these receptors, diminishing the high and causing instant comfort.

Lemon Peel (or Lemon Juice)

Similarly to black pepper, lemons contain another calming terpene. It’s called limonene, and it is also present in some cannabis varieties.

Numerous citrus fruits contain this compound, but lemons have it in the greatest amount.

The biggest concentration of limonene is in the peel, so use a zester to separate the peel from the rest of the lemon.

If this appears like too much work because you’re horribly high (we don’t want you to get hurt), you can just squeeze the juice from an entire lemon into a glass and chug it.

For maximal effect, use black pepper and lemon peel together.


The CBD cannabinoid counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC, and because of this, people can’t get really high when consuming strains that are rich in CBD.

Isolated CBD products can also lessen the “psychoactive damage” that was caused by excessive THC, whether it’s consumed in CBD oil, or CBD vape-juice.

Science also recognizes this effect, so if you have some CBD products laying around the house while you’re high out of your mind, get a few drops in your system and you’ll definitely feel much better.

Cold Shower

Taking cold showers on a daily basis offers numerous health benefits, but it can also help out when you’re too blazed.

If you’re hyperactively high from too much THC with anxiety or paranoia (or both), the freezing water will definitely distract you from your difficult mental state and make you focus on the task at hand.

A cold shower can also help if you’ve been smoking weed for hours on end. It can sober you up by kickstarting the blood flow, but to be perfectly honest, I never managed to force myself to go through with it when I’m high like this. 

Get Distracted 

Getting out of your comfort zone can lead to great things under normal circumstances, but when you’re unpleasantly high, getting into it is a much better option.

You need something to take the focus off of you because if you start dwelling on your feelings and continue to compulsively think about it, you’re only going to make things worse.

My comfort zone is often sitcoms that I loved as a kid (“That ‘70s Show” is my favorite), but your tactic can be practically anything that you’re really comfortable with. 

that 70s show

You can also watch ASMR videos, play an instrument, paint, draw, whatever calms you down.

If you’re really toasted, eat a few peppercorns and some lemon zest before you start distracting yourself. 

Eat Something

This food tip mostly applies to the “high for hours on end” type of high, because if you’ve ingested too much THC all at once, you probably can’t really eat anything right away.

If you feel woozy and lightheaded, chances are your blood sugar took a dive.

Circumvent this by either eating/drinking something sweet, or with protein snacks (peanut butter, eggs, protein-rich yogurt, hemp protein), and you’ll feel better in minutes.

A Friendly Face

When we’re really anxious or paranoid, it’s very helpful to have someone around to comfort us.

When we’re alone, our state of mind can easily spiral out of control.

Cannabis immensely influences the way our brain creates thought-patterns, which in the case of a negative experience means that we can fall into severe despair and anguish very quickly.

If no one’s around, pick up the phone and call someone you’re close to.

Collect Yourself

The best way to do this is to lie down in a comfortable position and start focusing on your breathing.

Don’t try to alter the way you breathe too much. Instead, just pay close attention to your inhales and exhales.

While doing this, you can also try repeating a mantra. Make sure you pick a soothing phrase like “I’ll be just fine”, and not something negative like “I’m going insane”.

Most people find it challenging to calm down while they’re high, but perhaps you’re one of those rare individuals that have no problems with it.

It definitely doesn’t hurt to try.


You should have a cup of coffee only if you’re feeling groggy and stupefied. Definitely avoid caffeine if your heart is racing or if you’re feeling anxious/paranoid.

The last thing you need is another stimulant if you’re already hyper, as this will only prolong your suffering.

Bonus Tips: Perhaps Unrealistic, But Still Worth a Try

Hydrate Yourself 

Some sources suggest that additional water intake can speed up the comedown, but I personally don’t buy it.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it, but if you’re “scary” high, don’t expect that a bottle of water will save you.

You should also steer clear from alcohol, because the ethanol in alcoholic beverages increases THC absorption, and this is something you definitely don’t want.


This is another tip that I don’t feel strongly about, but I guess it can work for some people.

In my personal experience, you can either be too distraught and hysterical from excessive THC or lighthearted and feeble from smoking weed for hours on end.

In case number one, I doubt anybody likes working out or running in such a dramatic state.

In case number two, I believe it’s downright impossible to do anything athletic.

Take a Nap? 

This is the last unrealistic tip I have for you, that’s a promise.

Anyone who’s ever been scary high knows there’s a greater chance of winning the lottery than falling asleep in such a condition. That’s because THC causes the neurons in our brain to fire more rapidly, creating a continuous train of thought where our mind cannot stop thinking.

Save yourself some time and don’t even attempt to sleep. Instead, do all the stuff from the beginning of the list.


Weed is a tricky substance. Moderate amounts bring about very soothing and pleasurable effects, but taking too much can truly become a nightmare experience. The best way to protect yourself is to set your limits.

If you’re new to cannabis, avoid doing dabs, shatter, BHO or any other kind of high-potency concentrates. Your mind isn’t accustomed to the psychoactive properties of THC, and there’s a great chance you’ll end up freaking out.

If you plan to eat hash brownies, gummy bears or any other kind of edible, always check how much THC is in them, because some of these products have truly enormous quantities, which will knock you right on your ass.

Edibles can be risky because of their prolonged duration. They have to be digested before any effects can be felt (after an hour, sometimes even longer), which is why many people eat a new dose every 30 minutes, impatient for something to happen.

What finally happens is feeling horrible for 6 consecutive hours. That probably isn’t something you look for in weed. Remember, in the case of edibles, patience will pay off.

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A passionate cannabis enthusiast, Marco mainly writes about the latest research on cannabis use in health.

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