CBD Vape Pen 101 – Everything You Need To Know Before Buying One


There’s a new buzzword: vape pen. If you’re thinking about getting one, here’s what you should know.

What is a CBD vape pen?

A CBD vape pen is an electronic device made for inhaling CBD vape juice and CBD concentrates. It has become quite popular, both with experienced vapers and beginners, since the method itself allows you to experience the benefits of CBD within minutes.

Vape pens can generally be used for concentrates that have other cannabinoids as well, not just CBD, so it’s up to you to get the product that has only CBD in it.

Vape pens are pretty similar to vaporizers. Some will say that they are actually the same, but there are certain differences. We’ll point them out, so you can be sure of what you’re getting:

  • Most vaporizers are meant for in-home use, whereas vape pens are slim, small, and portable (although there are portable vaporizers too).
  • Vaporizers usually have chambers that hold the vaping material, while vape pens have cartridges (that can be replaceable).
  • Vape pens tend to have a shorter lifespan than vaporizers.

As you can see, both devices have their perks, so the choice of what to get will depend on your needs and preferences. 

How does it work?

If you opt for a vape pen, there’s a great chance you’ll be impressed by its handiness and how easy it is to use. I know I was. 

There’s no rocket science behind this small device, only 4 simple parts that are responsible for producing some really nice clouds. These are:

Battery – A rechargeable component that powers a vape pen. If you aren’t buying a pen from some suspicious street vendor, you’ll get a USB charger in your kit.

Tank/cartridge slot – A part that holds your vaping material. There are two options to choose from here. If you’re an eco-friendly person, opt for the ones with refillable cartridges (usually called “tanks”). Otherwise, if you’re seeking a zero-hassle vaping experience, buy a pen with replaceable cartridges.

Coil/Atomizer – A component that heats up the tank/cartridges and vaporizes the extracts.

Mouthpiece – This is where the real magic happens. It’s where you draw the vapor in.

How do you use a CBD vape pen?

If you’ve ever used a vaporizer for vaping weed before, then you know that there isn’t much to it and that it’s a hassle-free process.

Likewise, if you’ve never vaped before, you’ll soon realize that it’s a hassle-free process. I know I did.

Again, you don’t really have to “know” all that much to make some nice calming clouds.

After you’ve assembled your vape pen (according to the instructions you received with the device), simply start enjoying it. 

Some pens do need to be activated first, usually by clicking the ON/OFF button several times. But you’ve got all that in your instructions.

The real question here is how the quality of the vapor makes you feel. You’ll get your answer a few minutes after the first puff.

Try to hold the vape in for a few seconds before exhaling to get optimal results.

The effects vary depending on many conditions, but you can expect a smooth calming sensation while feeling things have slowed down a bit.

I’ve never used it for pain management (I don’t have chronic pain issues), but if you have, the relief should come after a proper dosage. You’ll know what your concentrate dosage is very quickly.

If you’re a first-time vaper, don’t worry about a temporary cough you may experience. CBD vapor can be slightly irritating to the throat when you aren’t used to it. 

A persistent cough that won’t go away, however, can be a sign of an allergy, in which case, you should stop vaping and consult a doctor.

I found that keeping your vape pen cold (lowering the voltage) could prevent the coughing fit. Some say that sucking on a mint a few minutes before you vape can have a similar effect, as it cools down your throat, but I’ve never tried this method.

Anyhow, it won’t take long to get used to it and start vaping smoothly.

Best CBD Vape Pens in 2019 

Even though vape pens are usually very affordable, there’s a ton of options on the market today, which makes your buying decision somewhat complicated.

The number one piece of advice here is not to look for “the very best one” out there, but to go through the specifications of each and find out which one is made for your needs. 

To help, here’s our list:

1. G Pen Dual Quartz Coil

Product highlights:

  • Dual-quartz rod atomizer
  • Single-button control
  • Rubberized exterior
  • Borosilicate glass heating chamber
  • Lip draw mouthpiece
  • One-year warranty

Who is it for?

Basically, the  G Pen Dual Quartz Coil is an affordable entry-level pen that performs great. 

Since the battery has only one heating level (the manufacturers set it up to optimal temperature in my opinion, though), beginners will probably find this device much easier to use.

However, the main advantage of the quartz coil is a pure and pleasant flavor. If that’s your number one priority, this should be your choice.

Who is it not for?

More experienced vapers will probably find a single voltage setting dissatisfying. Furthermore, the temperature is a bit on the low side (you’ll notice this in the size of the clouds and the flavor when you vape), so you’ll have to pull a little longer if you want bigger clouds of flavorful vape.

2. Dr. Dabber Aurora

Product highlights:

  • 3 heat settings for consuming any type of wax
  • SnapTech magnetic connections
  • Dual-coil quartz, dual-coil ceramic and ceramic halo atomizers included
  • Ceramic mouthpiece
  • Discreet design
  • One-year warranty

Who is it for?

Dr. Dabber’s slogan is “Less Heat. More Flavor.” True to its word, the company provides you with three atomizers that heat your concentrate at below-average temperatures, allowing you to feel and taste everything in the vapor.

If you have access to the best quality CBD concentrates out there, this is definitively the pen for you.

Also, assembling the device is done through a very elegant process due to magnetic connections that keep the parts together.

Who is it not for?

Beginners might find changing atomizers slightly overwhelming. Because of this, we’ll say Dr Dabber Aurora is more for intermediate users.

For those who seek a lot of mist coming out of the vaporizer, the low temperature can be a turnoff.

3. KandyPens Galaxy

Product highlights:

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Dual quartz rod atomizer
  • Quartz chamber
  • High-grade titanium coil
  • Leak-proof design
  • Carb hole
  • 3 preset temperature settings
  • 510 thread
  • Lifetime warranty

Who is it for?

This vapor pen is designed by KandyPens, one of the most well-known manufacturers in its class. It gives you impressive vapor taste, cloud size, and smoothness (there is almost no resistance).

Since its biggest advantage is that it was made to last a lifetime, I suppose this pen is for all of you who seek only premium quality devices.

Who is it not for?

Apart from one reviewer who reported developing an itch while making monster rips, I wasn’t able to find any other drawbacks of using the KandyPens Galaxy.

Not sure how to dose CBD? Download Droppy – the app that calculates your perfect dosage.

4. Yocan Evolve Plus

Product highlights:

  • Portable and powerful
  • Built-in carb cap
  • 15 seconds of continuous heat
  • 1100 mAh battery
  • Built-in silicon jar
  • 6-month warranty

Who is it for?

Yocan Evolve Plus probably offers the best balance between price and quality. It’s a very affordable pen that performs great.

The most impressive part of the pen is its battery, which can last a very long time after recharging. A truly portable device made for those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Who is it not for?

If you’re planning on vaping from the comfort of your own home, you could look for some better quality options.

For instance, maybe you enjoy thick mist, and if so, this pen may not be suited for you as it really doesn’t make breathtaking clouds.

But if you’re interested in this device, read our detailed Yocan Evolve Plus review.

5. Yocan Evolve Plus XL

Product highlights:

  • Quad coil quartz atomizer
  • Magnetic mouthpiece connection
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Built-in dual compartment stash
  • 6-month warranty

Who is it for?

Yocan Evolve Plus XL, like its name implies, is a larger edition of the Yocan Evolve Plus. 

If you need something that can hold a lot of concentrate at once (the built-in jar holds about 1g of wax), this is the best pen you’ll get in this price range.

Lastly, this pen can also produce some serious clouds, so if you enjoy a vaping experience with a lot of vapor, go for it!

Who is it not for?

Those who like to play with the heating settings will probably end up disappointed with the fixed optimal temperature.

6. Yocan Magneto

Product highlights:

  • Dual-layer ceramic coil
  • Built-in magnetic coil cap
  • 1100 mAh 510 thread battery
  • Discreet and compact
  • 6-month warranty

Who is it for?

If you want a pocket-friendly vaporizer that’s easy to assemble and use, Magneto might be your thing. Entry-level vapers found this pen especially easy to handle and maintain.

Who is it not for?

To those of you who have some serious vaping experience under your belt, Magneto’s single temperature setting could be a turnoff.

7. Yocan Evolve

Product highlights:

  • Quartz dual coil atomizer
  • Heats up quickly
  • Built-in carb cap
  • 10-second cut off time
  • 650 mAh battery
  • 6-month warranty

Who is it for?

As with all the Yocan products, you can expect a more than a fair balance between price and quality. Being user-friendly, affordable, and of decent quality, the Yocan Evolve is a perfect fit for first-time vapers.

Who is it not for?

Experienced vapers who are willing to invest more in a device with advanced setting modes.

And that concludes our list of CBD vape pen recommendations. We hope the list (combined with the above information) will help you narrow down your search for that perfect CBD vaping companion.

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